Weekend idea: visit the castle of Monte-Cristo 1 hour from Paris

Discover the incredible home of the writer Alexandre Dumas. photo credit: moonik

Follow in the footsteps of one of the most popular writers in literature in Port-Marly (78). Fruit of the boundless imagination of Alexandre Dumas, the Monte-Cristo estate is one of the jewels of Yvelines. Renaissance castle, Gothic castle, English park: immerse yourself in the extravagant universe of the father of the Three Musketeers.

Monte-Cristo: Alexandre Dumas’ little corner of paradise

In 1844, Alexandre Dumas was at the height of his glory. The writer wants to build a house to work in peace. Seduced by the banks of the Seine, he sets his sights on a hill located on the slopes of Port-Marly. The father of

Three Musketeers


Count of Monte Cristo

hires a renowned architect, Hippolyte Durand, to whom he dictates his wishes. “You are going to draw me an English park in the middle of which I want a Renaissance house. For my study, a Gothic pavilion surrounded by water… There are springs, you will make me waterfalls.” The Monte-Cristo estate was created in 1846.

The writer leads the way, multiplying the parties for his many friends and admirers. The dream was short-lived: pursued by his creditors, he was forced to sell the estate in 1849 for the sum of

31,000 gold francs

while he had spent hundreds of thousands of francs for its construction.

A jewel in the heart of Yvelines

Saved from real estate speculation in the 1970s, the Monte-Cristo estate is listed as a Historic Monument. It consists of two architecturally very different buildings, built in the middle of a large English-style park.

The Renaissance-style castle is characterized by its facades entirely sculpted with the faces of writers, floral and plant motifs, angels, musical instruments and even animals. Inside, visitors discover the life and work of the author through collections of engravings, paintings and sculptures. On the first floor, there is an authentic Moorish salon. The decor of sculptures and arabesques chiseled in stucco was made by Tunisian craftsmen.

Opposite the main house stands a neo-Gothic castle surrounded by water. The walls bear traces of the work of Alexandre Dumas, between titles of works and representations of characters such as Edmond Dantès, alias the Count of Monte-Cristo. The writer has set up his study in this building which he calls “le château d’If”.

The three-hectare park is laid out in the English style and planted with various species: larch, fir, oak, birch, hornbeam, lime. The caves, basins and waterfalls imagined by Alexandre Dumas create a romantic atmosphere typical of the 19th century.

Free tour:

8 euros

– Reduced price:

6 euros

– Free for children under 8.

Guided tour (second Sunday of the month):

9 euros

– Children from 3 to 7 years old:

2 euros

– Free for children under 3 years old.

Visiting the park alone:

4 euros


Escape game, murder party: discover the Monte-Cristo estate in an original way


25 euro


1847. Guests flock to the housewarming party of Alexandre Dumas. Among them, a mysterious woman. She would hold confidential documents of the utmost importance. She rented an empty room in the castle to store her luggage…

– Escape game


14 euros


We are in 1848 and a murder was committed during a party at Alexandre Dumas. Are you observant, curious and logical? Help the inspector solve the investigation.

– Murder party


10 euros


During the school holidays, the budding Sherlock Holmes explore the estate in search of the forgotten treasure of Monte-Cristo, or lead the investigation to discover the thief of a precious asset.

– Treasure hunt or castle investigation for the youngest


10 euros

– Children from 3 to 7 years old:

2 euros

– Free for children under 3 years old.

From April to October, the last Sunday of the month

Go back in time in the company of actors who slip into the skin of characters from the work of Dumas or figures from the life of the author.

– Visits with dramatized interventions

Various activities are offered throughout the year.

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Weekend idea: visit the castle of Monte-Cristo 1 hour from Paris

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