Vikings: after the end of the series in 2020, its creator makes the announcement that all fans have been waiting for

Between 2013 and 2020 the series aired vikings. A particularly popular series in 6 seasons which finally saw the birth of a spin-off: Vikings: Valhalla. And while Ragnar and his line are now a thing of the past, the creator of this universe, Michael Hirst, makes the announcement that all fans have been waiting for.

a memorable series

Born in 2013, vikings quickly invaded the minds of fans of bloody series with a well-crafted script and a breathtaking plot. Ragnar Lothbrok and his brother Rollo multiply epic battles, internal conspiracies and other geopolitical shenanigans in an attempt to make the Lothbrok into history. And after 6 remarkable seasons, and a compelling ending, fans of the show can try their hand at Vikings: Valhallaa spin-off that takes place 100 years after the wanderings of Ragnar. The Vikings are now firmly established in England but must face the mistrust of King Æthelred II.

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A massacre is then orchestrated and the Danish king Canute will then seek revenge by rallying to his cause the Norwegian princes Olaf Haraldson and Harald Sigurdsson, who are setting up a new Great Army with the aim of invading England. An epic battle is brewing in the background, as settlers by the name of Leif Eriksson and his sister Freydis come to pitch in and turn those plans upside down. Although popular, Vikings: Valhalla failed to achieve unanimous support. A work parallel to vikings which still allows fans of this universe to obtain new adventures.

the beginnings of a project

But according to recent remarks by Michael Hirst, creator of vikings, the disappearance of Ragnar Lothbrok should not sign the end of this part of his universe. And for good reason, in a new interview, the British screenwriter and producer revealed to Première that a project on certain characters of vikings was considered:

“It’s pretty great that people are still so passionate about Vikings. When I came to Lille, for the Series Mania festival last March, I was followed in the streets by a crowd of people! It’s the first I didn’t understand why: “I’m only the author of the series, you know…” But they answered me: “No, no, you’re Mr Vikings!” something still alive after all…” explains Hirst at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

“I miss Ragnar and his sons. They’re like friends. I’ve lived with them for so long… Every morning when I walk into my office, it’s like I’m going to find out what’s going on. they were doing… So it’s possible that we’ll meet again soon… I say it like that… But it’s possible! I’m currently considering a project with some of the characters (from Vikings ) who would be back…”

A strong announcement that will not fail to resonate inside the fans of the series. And for good reason, with the success of vikingsif Hirst manages to set up an interesting project, it’s a safe bet that producers will be interested. Asked by Première about the chronological position of this new project, i.e. between the end of vikings and the start of Vikings: ValhallaHirst keeps his cool: “We’re really at the beginning of the project, so I can’t say much more… But I know how much people love these characters and would like to see them again.

Vikings after the end of the series in 2020 its

A project which is still in its infancy and whose characters concerned have not been revealed, but which will not stray so far from Netflix, as from Vikings: Valhalla :

“I’m not involved in Vikings: Valhalla at all. Because Jeb Suart is an action writer. I’m more interested in the characters. So here it is… I don’t watch the series… I don’t really have a reason to. I don’t want to hurt myself (…) I wasn’t really involved in the project and I watch quite a few series… Me, I was done. I made my saga. Then they do what they want.

On your side, are you satisfied with the idea of ​​the birth of a new project in the universe of vikings ? Do not hesitate to answer us via the comment section.

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Vikings: after the end of the series in 2020, its creator makes the announcement that all fans have been waiting for

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