VDA: Soon the party at the Casino de Paris!

The group “Voice of the Angels” (VDA)

The group “Voix des Anges” (VDA), formed in 2012 in Daloa, is one of the best Zouglou groups of the moment. With the quality of its musical productions such as the hit “Tu ne chante pas fort“, VDA has become the Zouglou group par excellence for Ivorian music lovers, in this case zouglouphiles. The Boss plus structure, which has just put the ball high through the successful event “La Fête à Gohou”, is therefore offering everyone VDA an unprecedented concert at the Casino de Paris in France on January 20, 2023.

“Being inspired by a master is not only a permissible action, but a laudable one”, says the French writer Alfred de Musset. The quote from his book “Les Comédies et proverbes“ takes on its full meaning when we closely follow the course of “Voix des Anges“. Since their beginnings, until today, the VDA group knew how to conquer the music lovers as much by its vocal quality as by the quality of its albums.

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The group “Voice of the Angels” (VDA)

Songs that speak to you, albums that touch you. VDA sings zouglou and in zouglou with such ease that listening to it is a delight for the ear, the body and the mind. A touch of humor and truth makes them special.

VDA at the CASINO DE PARIS… wants to be the celebration of the career of this group steeped in talent which is the pride of zouglou, beyond the music “made in Côte d’Ivoire”.

A group, a talent…

The reputation of the young group was built on that of the great names of Zouglou, such as the late Dezy Champion, the Yodé duo and Siro, Soum Bill. Led by two talented young people, Pitch and Jim, VDA has made a name for itself through live shows, performing for many years the titles of established artists Zouglou.

Big fan of “Ronaldo du Zouglou“, the group sometimes accompanied Dezy Champion to concerts through several towns in the interior of the country, including San-Pedro and Tabou. On the death of Dezy in March 2018, VDA will even pay a beautiful tribute to the artist through the single “Tribute to Dezy“.

Influenced by the music of their elders, one thing leading to another, the group manages to find a style. “La main de Dieu“ (2017) and “Notre Exploit“ (2020), the two VDA albums have a special way of satisfying Zouglou enthusiasts, by offering them up-to-date vintage sounds, which evoke a kind of of Zouglou revival a retro Zouglou trend.

With simple arrangements and refined instrumentation, VDA’s songs have everything to please music lovers, and especially fans of Zouglou. All you have to do is take a tour of the bars, maquis and places of entertainment in the Ivorian economic capital Abidjan to realize this. The public reacts positively to the sounds of VDA. To the rhythm of their songs, no one can help performing the popular zouglou ballet. At the request of the clientele or the assistance, the disc jockey can relentlessly play the titles of the group. The audience has a mastery of the lyrics of the songs. Proof that the musical works of VDA correspond perfectly to the aspirations of Ivorian music lovers.

Boss Plus, always a little more!

BOSS PLUS is unquestionably the leader and reference structure in terms of organizing and promoting African artists and art in France and Europe. Its dynamism and its desire to raise African artists to a certain level with quality shows in prestigious halls quickly brought together around this structure a good number of artists of a certain stature who see in BOSS PLUS the structure that embodies a little more their expectations in terms of the quality of the dissemination of African arts in Europe. Masterfully and through its dynamism, this structure is on track to accumulate in such a short time, and for the period from March to November, in particular the production of major recent and current events. BOSS PLUS has mobilized significant human and financial resources in the productions of the year 2023, in particular “BONJOUR PARIS” at the Maison de La Mutualité Paris…, LA FÊTE À GOHOU at the Folies Bergère, and at the Casino de Paris.

BOSS PLUS is now deployed in Africa through its subsidiary BOSS PLUS &CO AFRIQUE in Côte d’Ivoire. What to satisfy the diaspora, but the African public in general in terms of show, concert and others.

Now it’s time for the VDA group concert at the Casino de Paris!

Innocent KONAN

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VDA: Soon the party at the Casino de Paris!

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