True Ultra Instinct: The difference between the black and silver form of the Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super recently went even further by unveiling a third form of Ultra Instinct dark-haired, which the official site calls True Ultra InstinctWhere True Ultra Instinct in English. In Japanese, it’s officially “Shin Migatte no Gokui” 真の身勝手の極意, ). With the Japanese character “真” meaning “true/real”, one might understand that this black-haired “true Ultra Instinct” is the perfect form of Ultra Instinct, but it’s not quite that. And that would contradict Whis, who had previously confirmed that the silver-haired form was also the “true Ultra Instinct.” So what should we understand?

The difference between the True Ultra Instinct Black and Silver

Recently, Chapter 85 and Chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super complicated things by revealing a new evolution of Goku’s use of the form. Ultra Instinct, with black hair. Surprisingly, this dark-haired form seems more efficient than the silver-haired form, despite being told that silver-haired was a successful form of UI.

Toyotaro, the co-author of the DBS manga (supervised from afar by Akira Toriyama) explained how this black version of Ultra Instinct is different from the silver-haired version, as it allows Goku to remain himself and to give free rein to his emotions, while remaining in Ultra Instinct mode. The Granola arc saw Goku release various variations of his Ultra Instinct form as his mastery and experimentation with it continues to result in different forms that allow him to fight in different ways for different occasions. But it turns out there’s a lot more nuance to these variations than readers might have expected at first.

From Toyotaro’s recent Q&A, it seems Goku’s end goal with the Ultra Instinct is to make it part of his base form (hence the True Ultra Instinct), and to save the real Ultra Instinct for the situations where it will have to exceed its limits. This could also apply to Vegeta in Ultra Ego, but that’s just a guess at this point.

Toyotaro explains Ultra Instinct

As explained in Toyotaro’s recent interview on the occasion of the release of volume 19, the video of which is available on the previous link from minute 12’41, theBlack Haired Ultra Instinct is the form Goku chose to use against Gas, because in order to maintain the silver mode, he absolutely had to be calm. The dark-haired version allows him to fully draw his power from his own “nature”, while still being himself, and it does indeed seem like he was a much better choice in his fight against Gas.

“The reason why Goku ultimately chose to go with the black-haired form this time around is because the silver-haired one can only be maintained if the mind remains calm”explained Toyotaro. “With the black-haired form, he could show his true nature and still use Ultra Instinct. So he opted for this transformation. » His hair is a reflection of Goku’s better mastery of Ultra Instinct as a whole as he continues to adapt this form to his body. Toyotaro adds that “Goku is getting more and more familiar with Ultra Instinct. Or rather, he appropriates it and adapts it to his own sauce. »

“An Ultra Instinct user does not undergo physical transformation (like Whis and the other Angels), they can always remain in Ultra Instinct mode whether awake or even while asleep, and I want readers to see that Goku is getting closer to that level”Toyotaro continued.

Finally, Toyotaro explained that he wanted to show that Goku is increasingly appropriating Ultra Instinct so that it is completely natural for him: “The silver-haired Ultra Instinct is totally different: Goku’s power and personality change, so it’s not his normal state. Goku’s new form is supposed to show that Goku is getting used to Ultra Instinct, he’s more himself, that’s why I gave him black hair. »

Goku True Ultra Instinct

True Ultra Instinct: what the official website says

the official site from Dragon Ball says this: “Before Gas can deliver the final blow, Goku saves Vegeta and transforms into his dark-haired Ultra Instinct form!” However, this is a different form of Ultra Instinct in which Goku focuses his emotions : in other words, Goku finally woke up his genuine Ultra Instinct ! With this new transformation, Goku overwhelms the most powerful warrior in the universe, sending Gas crashing to the ground with a devastating attack! »

goku ultra instinct face gas

What do you think of this new form True Ultra Instinct black-haired Goku? What do you think Goku’s full and final mastery of Ultra Instinct will look like in the end? One more step towards the Goku of DBGT? We are waiting for you in the comments at the bottom of the page!

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True Ultra Instinct: The difference between the black and silver form of the Ultra Instinct

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