TrashTalk Award – S05 E01: Donovan Mitchell size Rudy Gobert

The NBA is never the last to bring its share of verbal protrusions of all kinds between its various protagonists. And inevitably, count on us to identify them as often as possible, because without being too first degree, we are fond of these muscular duels. So, who do you think is the biggest mouth of the moment?

The previous edition of the TrashTalk Award was won by Stephen Curry’s grudge against Kendrick Perkins, yes it’s starting to date.

Candidate # 1: Anthony Davis wanted to spoil the handing over of the Warriors rings… well, it failed

The opening night of the NBA on October 19 offered us a tantalizing opposition between the Lakers, NBA champions 2020, and the Warriors, defending champions who put their crown back on the line. The presentation of the rings therefore took place this day, at the Chase Downtown San Francisco. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Jordan Poole and others were able to flex well in front of their audience with their new jewelry. However, before the game, Anthony Davis didn’t seem to hear it that wayand intended to ruin this beautiful ceremony by leaving with the win in the luggage.

“Our first two games are against title contenders…It’s always good to ruin a ring ceremony. So our mindset is to go out there and start the season with two wins. »

We salute the state of mind of the NBA’s most famous single eyebrow, but as we said, beware of the flashback. Unfortunately for the purple and gold, everything did not go as planned, the Dubs quietly disposed of the Angelinos with a score of 123 to 109, and the handing over of the rings was absolutely not spoiled by Anthony Davis and his crew. . Worse still, the Lakers lost five times before getting their first win of the season. A 2-5 record, a breathless LeBron James, a still fragile Anthony Davis and a completely drunk Russell Westbrook, the start of the season is clearly not the one hoped for in the city of angels.

Candidate # 2: Damian Lillard buys real estate in the skull of Deandre Ayton

Damian Lillard is back, and his punchlines too. During the game against the Suns on October 22, the point guard turned into Dame DOLLA during overtime. While Portland is ahead on the score of 113 to 111 at the Moda Center during the 5 minutes of rab, Deandre Ayton still has an opportunity to put all these beautiful people tied if he converts his two free throws. Except Lillard was passing byand of course he had a quick question for the Bahamian pivot.

And when asked what he wanted from the Suns center, Dame seemed rather proud of him.

“I just asked him if he had ever been in this situation. I wanted him to think about it a bit. And when he ignored me, I thought he was thinking about it. – Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard took possession of Deandre Ayton’s brain in just one sentence. Obviously not reassured, he misses his first free throw before doing the same for the second, in the hope of grabbing an offensive rebound. But with 1.2 seconds remaining, Devin Booker’s teammates won’t have time to find the fault. Victory for Portland, thanks in particular to a great cunning from its number zero, who obviously thought he was in the studio recording his next title.

Candidate # 3: Giannis judges Ben Simmons too small to defend on him

The “too small” gesture in basketball is a bit like eating a steak and fries, it’s classic, but it’s good. This time, it was Giannis Antetokounmpo who served us this staple of trashtalking gastronomy against the Nets. The Greek Freak had Ben Simmons defending on him, but like many players, he couldn’t stop the Bucks’ tank.

Author of 42 points, including this basket after which he probably had scoliosis, Giannis ridiculed Ben Simmons, and there was no leniency although the former Sixers did not play a single game of basketball since 1993.

Candidate #4: Jayson Tatum mocks Grant Williams’ disguise

During Halloween, a lot of disguises are experienced even by players. For example, Mario Hezonja often dresses up as a ghost, but Celtics winger Grant Williams has opted for an outfit much more familiar in pop culture. Williams showed up at a press conference dressed as Batman, which did not fail to react to his franchise player Jayson Tatum.

“Yo what the hell are you doing? »

Obviously, Jayson Tatum adheres only moderately to the getup of his teammate, and lets him know while he is in the middle of an interview. Of course, this is all second degree, but no matter what, Grant Williams takes his role very seriously, and JT also seems to welcome the effort against the full batman outfit. We will see if the number 12 of the Celtics will save Gotham City this season.

Candidate # 5: Donovan Mitchell puts up a good one for his former teammate Rudy Gobert

Since this season, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert are no longer teammates, they left the Jazz, respectively for the Cavaliers and the Timberwolves. And the least we can say is that we are currently on a win-win-win trade. The Cavs monopolize the first places, the Wolves continue their adaptation and the Jazz exceeds all expectations. Donovan Mitchell appears to be getting his kicks in Ohio, with Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen as interiors. In any case, his last statement could well be talked about.

“I have never played with such dynamic big men in attack. »

Go hop, a free burst in the gums of Rudy. One more, because relations have never been good between the two, especially since Gobzilla tested positive for COVID in March 2020, and Spida was contaminated, according to him due to the negligence of his teammate, who had touched all the microphones. Or when he was criticized at the back for never playing with his pivot. Today, Mitchell is having a blast with his pair of interiors, and the cleat to his former teammate seems barely concealed.


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TrashTalk Award – S05 E01: Donovan Mitchell size Rudy Gobert

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