Three gold forks from the JIR get a vanilla in the Kaspro Guide 2023

“HASfter two rather complicated years, I felt a reappropriation of their kitchen on the part of the chefs who work there, perhaps because of the lack of staff, which forces them to get more involved. It’s quite positive. We also see the push for women, out of five trophies, three are awarded to women, including the hope of the year, Marine Cadet, who values ​​​​the service profession”, says Thierry Kasprowicz.
Among the new vanillas, three traditional tables, Chez Jules in Saint-André, Atelier du Palmiste Rouge, at Tremblet, and La Case de l’Oncle Tom, in Saint-Denis, already gold forks in the guide of the best restaurants of Reunion cuisine published by the Jir. Gilbert Lebeau, Ulrich Payet and Thomas Carrère, their respective chefs, have much to be proud of. This vanilla rewards their deep attachment to the local culinary tradition and to the qualitative work of the products of our region. On the Tampon side, L’Amberic still keeps its three vanillas. We will have to go back there, just to update their ugly fork dating back a few years, if the smell of these three vanillas is so strong there.

As for the two vanillas, we note the arrival of “Caves du Soleil” in Saint-Denis, “Les Sens Ciel in La Plaine-des-Cafres” (one vanilla last year) and “L’Epoca” in Petite-Ile, the restaurant of Disciple d’Escoffier Georgios Spandos.
The most spectacular entrance is that of the Villa Fleurié, where Ludovic Amédée officiates, loudly applauded, because he won the three vanillas for his establishment after only a few months of operation. A performance.

Kevin Minatchy, chef of the year

After the vanillas, come the trophies, distinctions which reward people who have had a particular influence through their actions and their daily work. That of the pastry chef of the year was awarded to Valérie Gourreau (Mam’Zelle Pizza), who carried the colors of Reunion high by winning the title at the first French dessert pizza championship, at the chocolate fair in Corsica. . His pizza with local flavors, pineapple, vanilla, kaffir lime and geranium that seduced the jury. Northern readers, the famous Mam’Zelle Pizza brand, originally from the South and multi-awarded, is soon arriving in Saint-Denis. Still a little patience.
Finally, the Chef of the Year trophy was awarded to Kévin Minatchy, already hopeful of the year in 2019. The one who makes the pans sing and the saucepans dance at the Dina Morgabine was trained in particular by Eric Frechon at the Bristol. A talented young chef who recently created the local menu for the Grand Repas, available in several restaurants on the island.
It now remains for all those who have been rewarded to honor their vanilla throughout the year, like the square of the most beautiful restaurants on the island such as La Fabrique, L’Atelier de Ben, La Case Pitey or the Blue Margouillat.

Alexandre Begue

> The Kaspro Guide Trophies of the Year
Chef of the year, “Le Pêcheur” trophy: Kévin Minatchy (Dina Morgabine),
Sommelier of the year, “Indian Ocean Wine Company” trophy: Yoann Roëss (Le Makassar),
Service of the year, “Australine” trophy: Annabelle Cordelier (Le Bistrot de Pépé Gentil),
Hope of the year, “Air France” trophy: Marine Cadet (Les Sens Ciel by GM),

Pastry chef of the year, “Valrhona” trophy: Valérie Gourreau (Mam’Zelle Pizza).

> Thomas Carrère, thrilled!

The chef of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and his wife were on duty when we told them the good news. Hot reaction. “What a pleasure to hear it, to learn it! The last 2 years have not been easy for many of us, restaurateurs, workers in the shadow of the food trades. The current crisis does not help matters. We always hold on, we don’t let go and as others would say, it pays!. Almost 8 years, we have been firm on our cuisine choices. And we did well to stay the course of this Creole cuisine, often of yesteryear, traditional and convivial like the momon or grandma box. The spirit of our cuisine was and will remain the same. A big thank you to all those who are present, who accompany us, who highlight Reunionese gastronomy. Pride and gratitude.”

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Three gold forks from the JIR get a vanilla in the Kaspro Guide 2023

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