Thomas Dutronc: “Despite the cigar, my father kept an incredible tone of voice”

Thirteen titles by Jacques and Thomas Dutronc sung in duet and brilliantly revisited. The album “Dutronc et Dutronc”, released this Friday, would not have seen the light of day without the self-sacrifice of the second to motivate this father whom he admires so much.

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A deep, assured, pure voice. It is that of Jacques Dutronc, who opens the album with a spoken word. ” I am for communism, I am for socialism… “, he declaims with a mix of class and insolent ease. This introduction, which gives depth to the song, is an idea of ​​Thomas Dutronc. An admiring son. “
My dad is 79 years old but still has an incredible tone of voice despite the cigar and its 10,000 excesses. There is no justice
“, he smiles, during the interview granted to The voice of the North.

To convince Jacques Dutronc to accept the new arrangements of The Opportunist, fifty-three years after the release of this mythical title, Thomas has shown self-sacrifice. ” I thought it was nice to try this talkhe slips. I had to fight.

“Thomas is a hard worker. That’s an average…”

The guitarist singer adept of gypsy jazz has reworked these titles which make the history of French song. The most symbolic example is the piece It’s 5 o’clock, Paris is waking up. In a more jazzy style, the transverse flute has disappeared from the orchestration. A sacrilege for a succulent result: the song has taken a facelift while keeping its splendor and its original spirit. ” We took it four, five times to work on this titlesays Thomas Dutronc. The idea was to find a balance. “During a press conference, Jacques Dutronc confirmed the big job of the son. With his caustic humour. ” Thomas is a hard worker, with me it’s an average “, he says, as if delighted to cultivate this image of idleness. His son nuances: He has this lazy, lazy image… But he made 50 films. He has worked a lot in his life. At other times, he did nothing. »

So here is the father and the son reunited for an album and a tour. Thomas Dutronc is over the moon: “ It’s a blessed timehe comments, aware that it was not won. We do not know
never if he will come or cancel. But I learned not to insist. I told him
“we try for half an hour”
to see if you enjoy it. Otherwise we keep nothing. »

On titles by Jacques and Thomas, the twirling duets follow one another like evidence. What follows is a tour, which is the heart of a family and artistic project. The opportunity to rediscover, in yet another way, the duo’s repertoire. ”


purpose of the album

is to process the songs in depth. On stage, it’s party time.


“Dutronc and Dutronc”, Universal music. Concert at the Zénith de Lille on November 16 at 8 p.m. (from 49 to 85 €).

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Thomas Dutronc: “Despite the cigar, my father kept an incredible tone of voice”

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