This sentence that Carlo Acutis received from his guardian angel

Antonia Salzano, the mother of Carlo Acutis, has revealed that her son has a very special relationship with his guardian angel.

Carlo Acutis was very linked to angels and had created a personal and special relationship with his own guardian angel. For some, the guardian angel is a vague childhood memory. But for Carlo, it was a daily presence. He was convinced that the guardian angel is a precious and unique gift that God gives to each of us to guide us to Heaven. In his book My Son’s Secret, Antonia Salzano recounts that Carlo often quoted to her a phrase he had received in an interior locution from his guardian angel: “Not self-esteem, but the Glory of God. »

Carlo knew that the inward-looking human self is the source of all pride and all sin. It leads away from God and from the true Good, taking away peace from the soul. The blessed young man was aware of the importance of putting God first, rather than oneself, and always turning his gaze to Him.

The smiling angel of Reims

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Throughout his life, Carlo Acutis developed a relationship of trust and complicity with his guardian angel. Not knowing his name, he decided to nickname him Gabriel. One day, while reading a book, he discovers a photo of the smiling angel which is on the western facade of the Gothic cathedral of Reims. He was immediately fascinated by this magnificent angel, symbol of the ancient city. He was so attracted to this photo that he decided to keep it to remember this statue and confided to his mother: “I think my guardian angel looks like this angel from Reims. »

devotion to angels

Every day, Carlo felt accompanied by an invisible angel. He perceived his presence at his side and often turned to him, praying to him and experiencing his concrete help. He had this devotion to his guardian angel since childhood. What contributed most to strengthening his faith in this heavenly messenger was reading the lives of saints who had angelic manifestations, as well as a pilgrimage he had made with his family.

By our side is a celestial spirit who, from the cradle to the grave, never leaves us, not even for a moment.

In particular, it was marked by the life of certain Italian saints, such as Saint Gemma Galgani, Saint Zita and Saint Padre Pio. For this great Capuchin saint, his guardian angel was indeed a very faithful friend. He liked to say that “beside us is a celestial spirit who, from the cradle to the grave, never abandons us, not even for a moment”. This is indeed one of the missions of our guardian angel: to accompany us, from the moment of our conception, all along the path of our life, to Paradise, to contemplate God with us forever.

Carlo’s relationship with his guardian angel was also strengthened thanks to a pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Saint Michael the Archangel, in Puglia, Italy, where the Archangel appeared four times according to a hagiographic work dating from the 5th century. Even Saint Francis of Assisi went there and Padre Pio often sent people particularly tormented by the devil there. Since this pilgrimage which touches him deeply, Carlo Acutis had taken the habit of praying the Angelic Crown every day, dedicated to the 9 Choirs of Angels which will become a very important prayer for him. He then had the idea of ​​creating a virtual exhibition on the experience of the saints with the angels.

The missions of the guardian angel

Blessed Carlo Acutis knew the mission of the angels which is first of all to accompany men on earth, to protect Creation and to be the messengers of the Almighty. However, his mother Antonia reveals in her book that Carlo was convinced that it is not possible to benefit from the help of our guardian angels when we consent to sin, because it creates a spiritual compromise on our part.


Indeed he said that attachment to sin and perseverance in it detaches us from union with God and the angels, and makes us easy prey for the attacks of the Evil One. On the other hand, by seeking to follow the path of holiness and by establishing a personal and special relationship with our guardian angel, we can benefit from his inspirations, his protection and his intercession for us with God!



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This sentence that Carlo Acutis received from his guardian angel

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