This Christmas movie on Netflix is ​​probably one of the worst: we tried to watch it anyway

A meaningless and incomprehensible film

First, let’s take a look at the story. Ally (Jessica Lowndes) is a doctor who lives for her job and hates Christmas. Faced with this, her companion decides to leave her, tired of seeing her being more interested in her career than in their relationship. A shock for the young woman who is ready to do anything to prove to him that no, it’s wrong, she also has the spirit of Christmas in her. On this occasion, she meets Gabe (Chad Michael Murray), a sexy but at the same time strangely robotic man. The two team up to find out what the magic of Christmas really is by doing tedious but essential chores together to have a good holiday.

In the program ? These Christmas chores include baking cookies, decorating a Christmas tree or improvised Christmas carols. For some unlikely reason that no one bothers to ask, Ally still needs help with each one, and Gabe is always there to help. In reality, but shh, it’s a secret, it turns out that Gabe is simply an angel who landed on Earth, with two other colleagues, in order to teach him the meaning of Christmas and allow him to get back together with Josh . A cliché concept with an even more silly twist: very quickly, this angel falls in love with his patient to the point of losing his powers. If you’re still wondering how such a story can end at this point, good luck!

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A project faker than the snow on the screen

Christmas under his wing is stupidly complex, offering a universe that doesn’t even bother to explain its rules. So okay, it’s a Christmas movie and it shouldn’t be too much to ask, but it’s still frustrating to see that the concept isn’t explored further, or even legitimized. It is only if we are let go that it is normal to see angels invite themselves into the lives of humans, that it is classic to fall in love with them and that they have a deadline on Earth. Why are there three angels watching over a random couple getting together? Is there no one else in town to help? What is the reason for this strange nod to Ally and Josh at Christmas Eve dinner? “PFFFF”, such are the answers given.

Many of you will say:it’s a Christmas movie, there’s no need to fuss or ask for quality“. We can indeed hear it, but this film remains fascinating in the way it has of causing its own fall into an agonizing creative void. It has all the ingredients of Christmas (the decorations, the carols, the snow, love, sweets) but it appears even colder and more fake than the artificial snow used. You can never believe it as the atmosphere reeks of fakery on all floors. The script seems to have been written in an afternoon on a PQ sheet in the toilet without any thought being given to the meaning of what he says. The production makes no effort and the actors think more about their checks and going back to the beach to sunbathe (because yes , let’s not forget that these projects are shot in the summer) than to recite their dialogues correctly while bringing a little emotion to them. The result of such a cocktail of absurdities? A work impossible to categorize.

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A call for help from the film crew?

How could such an actor like Chad Michael Murray, who was a real star at the time of the Scott Brotherscould he have come to act only in horrible films of the genre (Love at first sight at Sand Dollar Cove, Christmas as dog and cat, The Holiday Train)? Here, her voice comes across as oddly robotic, as if she’s forgotten how to play. Or that she wanted to break away from this filmography. The slightest of his lines is systematically pronounced in the wrong tone. It’s so recurrent and blatant that we come to wonder what they were doing on the set not to see the problem live (and if you watch the film in VF, know that it’s not better because his voice actor is not the same as on The Scott brothers). He is not helped either by the performance of Jessica Lowndes who is not the best of actresses, as evidenced by her choice of films… We are witnessing here the wobbly result of a series of bad choices.

Interestingly, its director, Jerry Ciccoritti, is nevertheless renowned and has even won several awards in Canada as an episode director with the incredible series Schitt’s Creek. Yet even there he seems to have lost his touch. All of his decisions are as bizarre as the film itself. We type, for example, fades to black in the middle of a scene that continue in the next shot, as if nothing had happened! FOR WHAT ?!

In short, even if you are a fan of all Christmas movies, this one will seem weird, indigestible. It’s a film even more broken than Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego after his World Cup failure, totally broke on a budget worthy of a YouTube video from the 2010s to the point of being unable to put enough snow on the decorations, to create fake ice or to treat special effects. It’s so bad that the jokes are less funny than the dramatic scenes. It seems obvious that none of the people involved in this film wanted to do it, but their bankers forced them to sign.

Yes, incredible but true, TikTok was right for once: avoid it… or take the opportunity to see it after a lot (a lot) of champagne. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, but surely less than watching this film!

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This Christmas movie on Netflix is ​​probably one of the worst: we tried to watch it anyway

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