The winners of the 2022 Silver Eco Aging Well Trophies

The SilverEco Trophies ceremony, which took place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on Monday September 22, awarded 22 SilverEco Trophies to which were added a “People’s Favorite” Prize, a “Senior Jury” Prize and a ” Favorite of the organizers” rewarding the best initiatives, solutions and good practices of the actors of the Silver economy for the year 2022.

The 2022 silveréco aging well trophies

The 25 best, innovative and concrete initiatives of the Silver economy and aging well to build a longevity society

The SilverEco Festival is placed under the patronage of Mr. Jean-Christophe Combe, Minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People.

For the second consecutive year, the SilverEco Trophies ceremony took place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. On Monday, September 22, 22 SilverEco Trophies were awarded, to which were added a “People’s Favorite” Prize, a “Senior Jury” Prize and an “Organizers’ Favorite” Prize rewarding the best initiatives, solutions and good practices. players in the Silver economy for the year 2022.

Whether it’s R&D, Design for All, new technologies, new services, distribution, marketing (…), the Silver Economy is a formidable territory of innovation. The diversity of players in the sector, their dynamism, their innovations, their potential for job creation, their commitment to aging well testify to the real economic opportunity of the demographic transition.

For Jérôme Pignez, specialist in demographic transition, the Silver economy and creator of the SilverEco Aging Well Festival: “The SilverEco Trophies reward exceptional initiatives that contribute to aging well. It is a unique human experience. This year is exceptional in many respects: we would like to thank all of the participants, the nominees, the winners and favourites, without forgetting all of our partners and the Nice la Joïa de France Alzheimer 06 workshop who once achieved the superb trophies that were awarded to each winner.

It was also an important year when we presented the International Trophies “SilverEco and Aging Well International Awards” to the Palais des Festivals in Cannes for 12 projects led by international players. The demographic transition is global and underway, the Palais des Festivals de Cannes is now the essential meeting place for all international players working to age well. We are already giving them an appointment in September 2023.”

100 application files – 50 jury members – 25 trophies

The SilverEco2020 Trophies Jury brought together 50 experts in aging well. Chaired by sociologist Serge Guérin, this jury had the difficult task of deciding between nearly 100 application files in the following 10 categories: help for carers / housing – home / collective accommodation – Ehpad / product innovation / intergenerational / new technologies / leisure – culture – well-being / fight against isolation / health – e-health / services – personal services.

The presidency of the International Jury of the SilverEco and Aging Well International Awards has been entrusted to Dominique Boulbes, President of Indépendance Royale.

The 2022 French winners


    • Winner 2022: Solution Ami / Les cruquilles du cognitive, for its two applications aimed at caregivers and those helped by providing them with solutions to improve their daily lives.
    • Jury’s favourite: Helpy: a new stimulating, fun and cooperative game between vulnerable people and those around them.


    • Winner 2022: Les Ailes des Anges, for its inclusive senior shared house adapted to everyone’s needs.
    • Jury’s favourite: Created for its adjustable kitchenette which responds to the aging of the population and guarantees greater autonomy for cooking and eating.


    • Winner 2022: EPHAD Le Charnivet The Ehpad Le Charnivet proposes a relocation of the school to co-build a project for children/tenants and residents.
    • Jury’s favourite: Azélie Santé, for its platform dedicated to nursing homes to help manage teams for the well-being of residents.


    • 2022 winner: MJ Innov, for his project aimed at improving the quality of life of people with cognitive disorders or with specific needs.
    • Jury’s favourite: Created for Gripo, an innovative device that restores balance and facilitates independent movement.


    • 2022 winner: Better World, for its approach to improving services for seniors, caregivers and professionals attending nursing homes.
    • Jury’s favourite: SonAide, for its box with artificial intelligence to help the elderly stay at home longer.


    • 2022 winner: Allo Louis, for its platform for connecting students and seniors for specific needs.
    • Jury’s favourite: Mamie Baby, for its network of intergenerational micro-crèches set up in establishments for seniors.


    • Winner 2022: World Stories Box, with the newscast for seniors, which creates a social link between residents, their families and the staff of the establishment.
    • Jury’s favorite: Association Fabkid3d, for its experience offering a liberation of the mind thanks to an innovative technology to revive memories.


    • 2022 winner: Emotivi, for its solution allowing dependent seniors to receive video calls, photos or messages from their families and caregivers.
    • Jury’s favourite: Dans les Pas d’Alexandre, for his 360° travel experiences in nursing homes.


    • 2022 winner: Tensi+ / Stimuli Technology, for its device treating the symptoms of overactive bladder.
    • Jury’s favourite: Blastodent Company, for its program to sustain the activity of dental surgeons at the bedside of dependent patients.


    • 2022 winner: Domplus Groupe, which offers technological and human solutions to support seniors and caregivers.
    • Jury’s favourite: SAS Famille du Chêne, with its project for associations to help people everywhere in France to act on a daily basis.


    • 2022 winner: FeetMe, for its project to fight against falls with injuries and reduce their occurrence.
    • Jury’s favourite: Simplifia, with its platform of anticipation and information about death.


    • Winner 2022: ADMR Charente, a karaoke in Chalais, for the actions of ADMR Charente which offers fun activities such as karaoke afternoons.


    • Francophone Network of Age-Friendly Cities – RFVAA. The organizers wished to award a favorite to a great initiative which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022: The Francophone Network of Age-Friendly Cities, an association affiliated with the WHO which encourages territories to better adapt to the needs of seniors. and fight against ageism.

The 2022 international winners

  • The representative of Denmark: Mototiles. For Moto Tiles designed as an alternative form of physical rehabilitation exercises to enable senior citizens to break away from monotonous workout routines.
  • The representative of Belgium: 1Toit2ages. For job’SERVICES which makes it possible to fight against the loneliness of the elderly in retirement homes and to promote links with young students.
  • The representative of Austria: Cogvis. Cogvis AI is a module-based intelligent care system that offers solutions in the areas of fall detection and fall prevention.
  • The representative of Latvia: Senior Group. Senior Group is a European leader in healthcare and assistance for the elderly, ensuring that your loved ones live fulfilling lives.
  • Finland’s representative: Predicell. Predicell is a data platform for healthcare professionals to design personalized care and rehabilitation processes.
  • Hong Kong representative: Hong Kong Housing Society. Hong Kong Housing Society designs retirement housing integrating housing, leisure, health and care services under one roof. Whether they are independent seniors, or those with a loss of autonomy.
  • The representative of Canada: Town of New Glasgow. The Mentoring Plus Strategy creates a system for people 55+ to share their knowledge and life experiences with many age groups and individuals as they, the mentees, begin to chart their own career paths.
  • The representative of the United States / EU: Seuro. SEURO is a H2020 project that targets 50 million elderly patients in Europe so they can proactively self-manage and offset the €700 billion annual cost of chronic disease management in the EU.
  • UK representative: National Innovation Center Ageing. Longevicity – City of Longevity, is a set of tools and applications in the city of Newcastle, and its network of cities and partners. The goal: to create urban environments where everyone, regardless of age, will have the opportunity and the environment to connect, thrive and thrive – to build and sustain healthy longevity.
  • The representative of the Netherlands: Devi-Stairlifts. Devi StairLift has developed an affordable, and above all, fully reusable stairlift: all features are standardized, the UP stairlift is developed with the aim of achieving huge savings in energy and CO2 emissions.
  • The representative of Spain: Macrosad. CINTER is an innovative space for the promotion of intergenerational in the socio-health and educational field. It is specifically designed to serve as a place for meetings and intergenerational experiences between children from 0 to 3 years old and seniors.
  • The representative of Italy: Kapusons. The mySOLI application enables seamless communication between retirement homes, their guests and their family members. mySOLI is like a bridge that connects retirement homes and their guests to the “outside world” where friends and relatives live.

The next edition of the FESTIVAL SILVERECO BIEN-VIEILLIR and LA SILVERNIGHT will be held in September 223 at the PALAIS DES FESTIVALS DE CANNES.

The FESTIVAL OF AGING WELL AND THE SILVER ECONOMY is organized by Jérôme Pigniez, specialist in demographic transition and the Silver Economy and creator of the information portal,, the SilverEco Festival of Aging Well and the Silver economy aims to change the way people look at the aging of the population and present the abundant offer of the sector by shining the spotlight on good practices, the best initiatives and solutions for aging well and by positively promoting all initiatives.

The SilverNight, (14th edition) during which the SilverEco Trophies and the SilverEco and Aging Well International Awards are presented, is the global, dynamic and friendly meeting place for professionals in the demographic transition and aging well.

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The winners of the 2022 Silver Eco Aging Well Trophies

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