The Voice Kids: Nael, 11, has a rare disease, his shocking revelations after the terrible reviews!

It has been several weeks since TF1 launched the new season of The Voice Kids. And the least we can say is that the emotion is really there This year.

Nahel stands out in The Voice Kids

For this new season of The Voice Kids, it is Louane, Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac who have the chance to be part of the grand jury. For a few Saturdays already, the talents have been linked together.

Among the participants, Nahel managed to win unanimous support from the judges. Aged 11, the latter made an incredible performance in interpreting Les Bourgeois by Jacques Brel.

Louane, Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac looked back on Nahel in The Voice Kids. On the other hand, the latter decided to join the team of Patrick Fiori. If his verbal fluency marked the spirits, others did not hesitate to criticize him.

In an interview with Télé Loisirs, her mother, Julie, and her father, Aziz responded to criticism. At first, his mother revealed that her son was not “an average child”.

Seeing the criticism soaring about their son, Julie and Aziz (The Voice Kids) decided to come out of silence. They revealed that the son had disharmony. He has hypersensitivity with a form of high potential.

“Nahel did not want to talk about his pathology”

His parents told Entertainment TV :“He uses words that even we don’t use. He has a adult phrasing. When he was five years old, he was already talking about topics of adult conversation”.

They also added: “He loves politics and literature. He’s not the kind of kid to play football.”. Before continuing: “Nahel (The Voice Kids) did not want talk about his pathology on the air.

In effect, “He didn’t want it to come out. And we respected his choice. But as since there have been physical attacks and on his way of being, that some have even said that he was overplaying “.

The parents of Nahel (The Voice Kids) confessed: “We wanted to restore a few elements to provide an explanation of what he was able to release during his visit“ .

Before explaining: Nahel has been followed since the age of four by child psychiatrists, psychologists and psychometricians. He is also followed by an AVS (Auxiliaire de Vie Scolaire) at school..

“He is not aware of the image he sends back”

Aziz then pointed out about his son: “He is not aware of the image he sends back, he is in his bubble”. His parents have decided to preserve in the face of these many criticisms.

Indeed, Aziz and Julie admitted to Télé Loisirs that he did not have access to social networks. “Anyway, we thought he was going to be interested in it but in fact not at all. What interests him is to sing.revealed the parents of Nahel (The Voice Kids).

Before calling back: “There is still a child”. Afterwards, they explained that their boy had found his passion for music during the health crisis.

His father has explained : “It’s a way for him to share something with others. He shows that he is something other than disharmonious. The Voice Kids was part of his dreams”.

His parents then concluded: “His whole family accompanies him and we see him evolve in the right direction. For him, to see the four coaches turn around, it was happiness. I think he has never been so happy in his life.

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The Voice Kids: Nael, 11, has a rare disease, his shocking revelations after the terrible reviews!

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