The rosary of the Holy Trinity, to pray the three Persons

The so-called Holy Trinity rosary is recited in honor of the three persons of the divine Trinity. A traditional rosary is suitable for praying it.

The Trinitarian Rosary offers a powerful prayer of protection as it turns to the Father and the Son, in heaven, and the Holy Spirit, who moves through our hearts like fire. This prayer rises where the hand of man is no longer sufficient to act. Learn to recite it on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Trinity this Sunday, June 12.

1His aspect

This rosary is recited with an ordinary rosary composed of a cross, followed by five beads and then five tens of beads.

Rosary of the Holy Trinity

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2His history

The Rosary of the Holy Trinity was inspired by a contemporary mystic, who is said to have received inner locutions from the Most Holy Trinity since 1987. Many inspiring prayers were revealed to him, such as this rosary which was introduced as follows:

“Beloved children, I Myself will give you the inspiration for this rosary of praise to the Most Holy Trinity, useful for the Salvation and Conversion of all souls. Whoever recites it with faith and with all his heart, will obtain great protection; the peace of the Holy Trinity will come to his heart and he will become an active instrument of the Holy Trinity in the world, for the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I ask all My children of good will to redouble their ardor in prayer and praise! This is how you will actively contribute to the salvation of souls. Each time you pronounce, with confidence and hope, the prayer of consecration and offering to Me, Most Holy Trinity, many souls, by this prayer, will avoid the fires of Hell. Each time you say this Rosary in honor and to the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity, a greater number of souls will be delivered from their torments, both on earth and in Purgatory. »

3why pray to him

This rosary of praise can be recited for the salvation and conversion of all souls. It helps those who pray to remember the five wounds of Christ.

4how to pray

The Rosary of the Holy Trinity is recited on an ordinary rosary.

On the crucifix, recite the following invocation: “O God, come to my aid, O Lord, hasten to help me. »

On a large grain at the beginning as well as the three small grains: “Glory to You, most sweet, most noble, resplendent, peaceful and ineffable Trinity. amen »

On each bead of the five tens: “Glory, honor, and prayer to the Eternal God.” Amen. »

At the end of each ten grains, recite the Glory to the Father.

At the end of the rosary, recite three Glory to the Father then the following final prayer:

“Blessed be God! Blessed be His Holy Name!
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true man!
Blessed be the name of Jesus!
Blessed be His Sacred Heart!
Blessed be his Precious Blood!
Blessed be Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar!
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete!
Blessed be the Mother of God, Most Holy Mary!
Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception!
Blessed be his glorious assumption!
Blessed be the name of Mary, virgin and mother!
Blessed be Joseph, her chaste husband!
Blessed be God in his Angels and Saints! Amen. »

You can also add this consecration to the end of your prayer to the Holy Trinity:

“Most Holy Trinity, You, Father, You, Son, You, Holy Spirit, I consecrate myself fully to You, in my heart, in my soul, in my body and in my life, and I consecrate my family, all my relatives and all those I do not know, who are my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Most Holy Trinity, pour into each of Your children the infinite graces of Your Mercy for Eternity. May all souls be redeemed by the Blood of the Divine Lamb and by the Love of God the Father. And may the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit be established on this Earth, in all hearts and in all souls for ever and ever. Thus, the Spirit of God will have definitively overcome the Spirit of evil. In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. »

5Natasha Saint Pier, marked by the Holy Trinity

Natasha Saint Pier, a Quebec singer who first became known for popular hits such as “You will find” and “I only have my soul” released in 2018 an album dedicated to Ste Thérèse of Lisieux. In her song “My Heaven to Me”, she celebrates the absolute love of the Trinity present in each of us: “My heaven, I found it in the Holy Trinity / Who resides in my heart, prisoner of love / There, contemplating my God, I repeat to him without fear / That I want to serve him and love him without return”.


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The rosary of the Holy Trinity, to pray the three Persons

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