The Rings of Power: Who are the Valar and Eldar?

Find out who the Valar and Eldar are in The Rings of Power!

The Rings of Power is available on Amazon Prime Video! If you want to knowwho are the Valar and Eldar, read on! Throughout The Lord of the Rings, characters often reference legendaries Valar. These beings work in the shadows, like angels or lesser gods. They have been there since the beginning and will still be there at the end of time.

Few of them are mentioned more than in passing in The Lord of the Rings, but they take center stage in The Silmarillion. To get the book, it’s here. Other, to take advantage of the Kindle format with a free 14-day trial, it’s here.

The Valar are the creation of Eru Iluvatar, the Creator of Ea, and all the lands within it. This includes Arda, later called Earth. We tell you everything about the Valar and Eldar in The Rings of Power!

Who are the Valar?

To understand the Valar, we must look to a time before the beginning of the world that is Middle-earth. Eru Ilúvatar, essentially God in Tolkien’s legend, spawned spirits that reflected his own thoughts. To find out who the Meteorite Fallen Stranger is, read this.

These spirits were known as Ainur and are considered the children of Eru. But one of the Ainur was more powerful than the others. Melkor, soon to be known as Morgoth, was a reflection of all of Eru’s thoughts, while the other Ainur were a reflection of a single thought. To find out who Halbrand really is, read this.

Eru allowed the Ainur to peer down from the Void and see the world they had helped him create. It was then that they saw what Eru himself had created in this world: Elves and Men, known as the “Children of Ilúvatar”. The Ainur expressed a desire to be part of this world, called Arda, and Eru granted them that desire. As soon as they entered Arda, they were known as Valar.

Fourteen of the Ainur entered the world they had helped create. This was the role of these Ainur, now known as Valar, to shape Arda and the creatures that inhabited it. But they could not fashion it undisturbed, for almost from the start Melkor sought to interfere with their work.

Manwe, the leader of Valar, first summoned other spirits to aid him in defeating Melkor, forcing the latter to retreat to the remote regions of Eä. The Valar retreated to the continent of Aman, in the far west of Middle-earth, and created the city of Valinor. There they made the Two Trees which were the light of their new home.

Along the way, different groups of Elves abandoned the journey and settled in new lands. But those who made the journey to Valinor were known as of Eldar.

While the Valar wanted above all to protect the Elves from the machinations of Melkor, with so many Elves settled in Valinor they had the opportunity to continue shaping the peoples of Middle-earth without leaving their home. The Eldar who stayed in Valinor the longest and learned the most gained something akin to superpowers.

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The Rings of Power: Who are the Valar and Eldar?

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