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The panorama of a dream Library.

The “Dream Library” helps children nurture their desire to read and participate in artistic activities. According to Mme Vân, Vietnamese children must acquire new knowledge that school does not give them but which helps them to better control their lives, to understand themselves and to better orient themselves. Art classes such as painting, music, photography give children creativity and love for life.

Teachers and students are delighted to have the library. The Ko Pa Ko Long school, Kon Tum province where almost all of the students are from minority ethnic groups, was offered a “dream library” in February 2022.

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The “Dream Library” offers artistic activities so that students can learn about several arts.

The “Dream Library” offers children a comfortable and interesting reading space. The decor is colorful and attractive, the library has many interesting titles for children of various ages including textbooks, literary works.

Following the creation of the library, reading lessons became compulsory at school and teachers, after reading lessons, invited their students to express their feelings about each literary work.

According to Mme Vân, Vietnamese children, especially those from remote and disadvantaged regions, are the most disadvantaged in terms of acquired knowledge.

The “Dream Library” helps them to have access to the most recent knowledge in science, art…, to equip themselves with knowledge and know-how in this new period of change in Vietnam and the world.

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Pupils present articles made by themselves, within the framework of the artistic activities organized by the “libraries of dreams”.

The books of the “Dream Library”, chosen by a scientific council, sow in the minds of the students to be citizens of the world and make them acquire new skills for the XXIe century.

Until March 2021, the project has created 60 libraries in 11 cities and provinces: Ho Chi Minh City, Tây Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Vung Tàu, Vinh Long, Bên Tre, Dông Nai, Lâm Dông, Dak Lak, Dak Nông and Quang Nam, with over 18,000 student beneficiaries.

The project plans to create between 2020 and 2030 a thousand Dream Libraries in the 63 cities and provinces of Vietnam and more than 500,000 Vietnamese students will have access to books and artistic and creative activities.

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The project

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