Stranger Things season 4: here is everything you need to know about Vecna, the big bad of the series

Since May 27, fans of Stranger Things can enjoy from Volume 1 Season 4. If they are delighted to find their favorite characters, they necessarily fear for their future due to the presence of Vecna, the major antagonist of these new episodes. This creature preys on the Hawkins teenagers from the far reaches of the Upside Down. How was it created and how works his curse ? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 4 of Stranger Things.

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Attention to the spoilers which will follow on volume 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things season 4, why volume 1 is so great

The fans are over the moon. Since May 27, 2022, season 4 volume 1 of Stranger Things is available on the Netflix catalog. As a reminder, the second part will be added from July 1st. With the many teasers unveiled ahead of the release of the science fiction series, viewers were more than eager to discover the continuation of the adventures of Hopper, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Will and the others. Critics are unanimous for the time being: this new season amply meets the expectations of fans. And for good reason, the plots explored are interesting, the development of the narrative arc of the secondary characters just as much, not to mention special effects more than level.

To top it off, the arrival of Vecna, the main antagonist of this season 4, caused a sensation with the spectators. After Dr. Brenner, the Demogorgon and the Mind Flayer, hawkins teens face the most fearsome creature in series history. Many thought it was a monster from the Dungeons & Dragons game that Lucas, Dustin and the others were playing. In comic book history, that’s partly true, but the Duffer brothers made some changes regarding the history of Vecna.

Vecna, the origin of the monster finally explained

Indeed, the end of the seventh episode of volume 1 explains to us who Vecna ​​actually is and how it was “created”. This monster has not always lived in the Upside Down, and for good reason, it is our beloved Eleven who designed it. We see that the young girl learns all that Henry Creel, the son of Victor, did… He was in reality the first patient of Dr. Brenner, director of the Hawkins laboratory. The latter was not one more victim of Vecna, since the monster did not exist when the Creel family was killed… It is in fact revealed that it is him, little Henry, who killed his mom and sister with his telekinetic gifts. When he moved into the house with the old clock, he immediately loved the atmosphere there. This is where he could fully merge with his powers. When Eleven learned all this, but also that she had been separated from her mother at birth, she then poured out all his hatred towards Henry Creel, patient 001.

Stranger Things season 4 here is everything you need to

She projected the young man into the Upside Down, creating a portal to the real world in the process, whileHenry Creel then transformed into the one known as Vecna. Victor Creel always believed that a demon had possessed his house, but it’s actually his own son the murderer of his family. She was led to believe that her son was dead after spending a week in a coma, but it was one of Dr. Brenner’s schemes…

Vecna ​​is not the real murderer of Victor Creel’s family

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When Eleven did so of Henry Creel Vecna, it was in 1979. Technically, therefore, the monster has been living in the Upside Down for about seven years. What is interesting is that Vecna ​​now has some control over the Upside Down. Many thought he could work with the Mind Flayer, the creature from the previous season, but there was little evidence to suggest that. It seems to act independently, and especially as master of the Upside Down.

To hunt down his victims, Vecna ​​projects visions of their own traumas and regrets into their minds. He then allows them to see the old clock from his childhood home, which means their death should occur 24 hours after this vision. Max, however, proved that he was possible to get rid of the manipulation of the monsterbut you have to be cunning… It is however difficult to know why this antagonist only attacks teenagers, but one can imagine that it takes him back to when he was thrown into the Upside Down. What is certain is that our young investigators have never been confronted with such a formidable villain…

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Stranger Things season 4: here is everything you need to know about Vecna, the big bad of the series

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