Special Edition #81: Ally McBeal

On the program for this Special Edition for the month of December 2022: Ally McBeal

Created by David E. Kelley, Ally McBeal begins on September 8, 1997 and ends on May 20, 2002.

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Charming, romantic, hysterical, excessive and passionate, Ally McBeal is nonetheless a brilliant lawyer who fiercely defends the interests of Cabinet Cage & Fish by following her feelings.

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What have they become ?

Calista Flockhart / Ally McBeal :
It will take four years (and two films in the meantime) to see Calista Flockhart on the screens with an important role. This will be done in 2006 in Brothers & Sisterswhich will end in 2011.
3 years later, she lends her voice during an episode of Robot Chickenthen in 2015 she played in a few episodes of Full Circle and obtained a secondary role in Supergirluntil its end in 2021.
In 2023, she will play in season 2 of feudshe will play Lee Radziwill, the younger sister of Jackie Kennedy.

Greg Germann / Richard Fish:
A few months after the end of the series, Greg Germann finds a role during an episode of The Thirteenth Dimension.
In 2005, he played in several, such as Bigger Than the Sky, Self Medicatedor Special Ed. The following year, he made an appearance in Desperate Housewives. He got a lead role in In Case of Emergency in 2007, but the series was canceled after one season.
Two years later, he appeared in The experts, The Cleaner, CSI: Manhattan and Ghost Whisperer.
In 2012, he played in several episodes ofHouse of Liesthen the following year in NCIS: Special Investigations.
In the cinema, he turns in hateful us, The little scoundrels to the rescue, Atlas Shrugged: Part III, Get Hardor Get a Job.
In 2016, he obtained a recurring role in Once Upon a Timethen the following year in Friends from College (until 2019). Also in 2017, he found a more important role in Grey’s Anatomy (until this day).
This year, he also shot in The Good Fight and Always there for you.

Jane Krakowski / Elaine Vassal:
operating a rapid return, Jane Krakowski finds secondary roles, shortly after the end of the series in Everwood and Rocket Power.
In the cinema, she plays in Irresistible Alfie, Pretty Persuasion, The Rocker, Kit Kittredge, budding journalist, forest rebels 2 and The Vampire’s Helper (among others).
But it was in 2006 that she landed a more important role, until 2013, in 30Rock. Two years later, she got a role in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidtuntil the end of the series in 2020.
In 2019, she plays the mother ofHailee Steinfeld in Dickinson (the series ends in 2021 after 3 seasons) and since last year, she has been starring in the series ZIWE and Schmigadoon!.

Peter MacNicol /John Cage:
Lending his voice to several episodes of animated series Danny Ghost and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law in 2003 (and a few years later), Peter MacNicol regained an important role in 2005 in Numb3rs.
Meanwhile, in 2007, he played in a series of episodes of 24 hour clock. In 2010, after the end of Numb3rshe turns in a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.
In 2012, he played a small role in the film Battleshipthen the following year he appeared in three episodes of The couch diva.
In 2015, he landed a role during the first season of Experts: Cyber (which will be canceled the following year). Then he plays a recurring role in Veepuntil 2019.
Between 2020 and 2021, it is present in AllRise.

lucy liu /Ling Woo:
Oscillating between cinema and television Lucy Liu plays in Chicago, Charlie’s Angels: Angels Go Wild, Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2before returning to television in 2004 with Game Over and Joeyshe also lends her voice in several episodes of Maya & Miguel.
In 2007, she starred in Ugly Bettythen the following year she found more important roles in Ben & Izzy and Dirty Sexy Money.
In 2011, she turns to the cinema in Detachment, The Trouble with Bliss and Kung Fu Panda 2 (She will also resume her role in the animated series). But that’s the next year, after the movie The man with the iron fiststhat she will return to television with an important role, after a stint in season 4 of Southlandshe plays in Elementaryuntil its finale in 2019. That same year, she is one of the main roles in Why Women Kill.
In 2021, she appeared in an episode of Larry and his numberI, Star Wars: Visionsor Scooby-Doo and Company. This year, she lent her voice in the film Avalonia, the strange journeye.
Next year, she will star in the second part of Shazamentitled, Shazam: Fury of the Gods and also The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie and RedOne.

Gil Bellows / Billy Thomas:
Present during an episode of The Thirteenth Dimension in 2003, Gil Belows then returns to the cinema in Head hunter, Keep Your Distanceor The Weather Man.
He found a role on television in 2005 in Terminal Citythen he oscillates between cinema and television, with small roles here and there in series such as Smallville, The Cleaner, Criminal minds, The experts, vegas, etc. and the movies No Limit, hunt to kill, The house at the end of the street, Parklandor State secret.
In 2015, he obtained a recurring role in Patriotthen the following year he played in 22.11.63 and Eyewitnessbut the series was canceled after one season.
He then turns in the films Blood Honey, Run This Town and Nation’s Firebefore obtaining a role in an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and Suits, bespoke lawyersthen in the first season of Jett in 2019. But there too, the series is canceled after one season.
After a tour in American Gods and the movie Awake in 2021, he starred this year in the first season of Women of the Movement.

Lisa Nicole Carson / Renee Raddick:
Back after 10 years of absence, Lisa Nicole Carson plays in 2012 in an episode The law according to Harry with Kathy Bates. She then returns in 2017 in two episodes of the mini-series The New Edition Story.
Since then, no more news…

Josh Hopkins /Raymond Millbury:
As one of the last to arrive for the last season, Josh Hopkins obtains the following year roles for an episode in New York, special unit, FBI: Missing and a recurring role in Cold Case: Closed Cases and in 2004 in North Shore: Pacific Hotel.
He finds Calista Flockhart in 2006 in Brothers and Sisters and also plays in several episodes of Pepper Dennis (the series is canceled after one season), Operation Hades and Vanished.
He tried his luck again in 2008 with the series Swingtown, but it too finds itself canceled after a short season. He obtains the following year of the roles in CSI: Miami, Private Practice and Pushing Daisy. That same year, he landed a role in Cougar Townwhich will end in 2015. It continues with Quantico in 2015, then he plays in the cinema ins Line of Fire and Monster on command.
In 2019, he turns in Whiskey Rider (again, the series is canceled after one season) and True Detective and the movie Night Shift: Night Patrol.
This year, we were able to see him again in two episodes of Walker.

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Special Edition #81: Ally McBeal

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