Slimane in heaven: his last album certified gold, he reacts with great emotion!

Slimane must be congratulated for having tried his luck in participant at The Voice. It goes back seven years already. Seven years that he is part of the French song. His duet with Vitaa, in particular, marked the spirits, those who chained the tubes. It’s simple, we only saw them. But Slimane also exists without his sidekick, and while the end of their collaboration was announced, one might have feared for their future. But Slimane proves today that he was right to trust himself and to believe in him.

Slimane’s album certified gold

A few months ago, Slimane and Vitaa philosophically announced the end of their collaboration. “ We always knew there would be an end. This project was a parenthesis in our solo careers, a very nice parenthesis. It’s the end of many things, it’s also the beginning of other things together “. A new career opens up to them. Quite simply because they have gained experience and notoriety with this duo which has given us two successful albums. Slimane then embarked on writing and producing a new albumalone this time.

His personal life changes as he prepares to become a dad. And inevitably, that inspires him enormously. We think in particular of the song Des Milles de je t’aime. “ I started writing this song when she was unborn, and finished it while she was in the hospital. The first two months of his life were complicated. One song will never be enough to tell my daughter how much I love her “.

The public was in any case won over by his proposal, even without his sidekick. Indeed, his album Chroniques d’un Cupidon sold more than 50,000 copies. It is therefore certified gold. ” Thank you thank you and thank you, that’s the only word that comes to mind! 7 years that I live a daydream thanks to you! “, reacted the principal concerned on Instagram.

Slimane, a busy personal life

This album is certified gold, even without a tour. Indeed, Slimane wants to take the time this time. Simply because his life has changed. Since January 2022, he has been a father. And he wants to be there for his daughter Esmeralda… without putting aside his fans and his career. A balance that is not easy to find.

For almost seven years, I have chained album, tour, album, tour… Here, I’m very happy to release a new album, but I’m not going to embark on a tour too quickly. I want to take care of my daughter, de recharge my batteries and take the time to appreciate what is happening to me. When you see your 1.6 kg baby struggling for two months to gain weight and try to breathe, it calms you down“, he admits shamelessly.

Slimane account make a good distinction between his private life and his life professional. And if that means neglecting his audience a little during the months following the birth of his daughter, then it’s a choice he makes.

Paternity, obvious for the singer

The choice to put her daughter first seems logical to many. But for some parents, career comes first. Slimane has wanted to be a father for a long time. Out of the question, then, not to be up to this role that he has wanted for years. Indeed, being a father is “obvious” for him.

Indeed, he explains that he did not see “not [sa] life other than being a father“. “ Besides, now that I am, I don’t even remember how I was before. The man I am, the artist I am, what I want to leave… She changed my view of love. I share many things with her. But I’m not super protective at all, I let her live her life. »

Be fatheris to be confronted with new anxieties. ” Even more today, with all that is happening, everything that we are told here every day, we ask ourselves questions. Are we going to succeed in giving them enough weapons to be free and happy in this world? »

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Slimane in heaven: his last album certified gold, he reacts with great emotion!

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