Shannen Doherty bids farewell as her breast cancer worsens

Shannen Doherty, 51, is still battling breast cancer. Here is the latest news on his condition.

star child, Shannen Doherty became known to the general public for his roles in soap operas Our House and The Little House On The Prairie. However, the actress owes much of her popularity to the cult series Charmed. The star of the 90s has had a great career. Only here, the iconic interpreter of Prue Halliwell had to move away from film sets in 2015.

The reason ? He was late diagnosed breast cancer. Two years later, she announced that she was in remission. After this victory, she revealed the return of the disease at a much more advanced stage in 2020. Since then, the American actress has taken maximum care of her and shared all the stages of her treatment on her networks.

Shannen Dohery breaks the taboo on the disease – ©instagram /@theshando

A relapse difficult to accept

Besides its role in charmed, Shannen Doherty also joined the hit series 90210 Beverly Hills. The pretty brunette played the character of Brenda Walsh. According to rumors, she did not get along with her co-star Tori Spelling, the interpreter of Donna. Despite everything, Shannen Doherty made an impression in the 90s. To everyone’s surprise, the one who lent her features to Prue Halliwell appeared in Reality TV Angels 3: I love New York (NRJ12) in 2011.

Unfortunately, the sidekick of Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs revealed that she had breast cancer in February 2015. Like journalist Jean-Pierre Pernaut, she wanted to talk about her illness. “My breast cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, and during an operation it was discovered that a few cancer cells may have gone beyond the lymph nodes”, she reveals. Despite everything, the relapse in 2020 was difficult to digest for the star of Charmed. “I don’t think I accepted it, it’s a hard pill to swallow”, she notably confided in the program Good Morning America.

Shannen Doherty breaks down in tears
Shannen Doherty breaks down in tearss – © Capture Facebook

Shannen Doherty continues her fight

The companion of Kurt Iswarienko has never lost hope. The American actress always set an example for all those affected by this disease. Mastectomy, radiotherapy or chemotherapy are obviously not a cakewalk. Anxious to be transparent with her community, she explained the difficulties in her daily life. Admittedly, this is one of the most painful ordeals of his life. However, she has no intention of giving up.

Still on the show Good Morning America, Shannen Doherty said: “I just want to keep living without having any checkboxes because I keep fighting to stay alive”. That pretty much sums up his state of mind. The latest news, the heroine has decided to operate a food rebalancing. She has cut carbohydrates and sugar from her meals. The one who gave the reply to Mel Gibson or Bruce Willis proudly declared on this subject: “(…) I just want to be the best version of myself”.

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Shannen Doherty bids farewell as her breast cancer worsens

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