Shanna Kress mom: she reveals a new photo of her son, this detail that marks the spirits

A few days after the birth of their baby, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas are enjoying their family life. A new adorable photo of Louka has been unveiled.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas couldn’t be happier. This Sunday, November 27, the lovers announced the long-awaited birth of their son, Louka. “The happiest day of our lives has arrived, our son is by our side. Since your birth we have known what it means to be proud and fulfilled, we have become your Dad and your Mom”, wrote Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas in the caption of the first photo of their child. And to add: “And since your parents have been waiting for you all their lives, we decided to cut ourselves off from the world, to create a bubble of love for take advantage of every second of your arrival and learn to be the parents you deserve. In the rest of their message, the parents explained that they wanted to wait a few days before announcing the good news.

And since the arrival of their baby Louka, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have been very discreet on social networks. But their loved ones have released a new adorable photo of their child. We thus see the infant, snuggled up in the arms of his mother, at the table with his darling, a smile on his face.. And one detail has not escaped the seasoned eyes of Internet users: Louka’s already thick and black hair. “Hello everyone yesterday we celebrated Loüka’s ‘NIVERSARY’ WEEK, 1 week is worth celebrating. Stay tuned the next VLOGS are coming. KISSES TO ALL AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, WE’LL COME BACK SOON”, wrote the happy parents in the caption. If they have chosen to publicize the pregnancy of Shanna Kress, in particular on YouTube, they indeed prefer to enjoy their baby alone.

Shanna and Jonathan: “We have joined our little cloud”

“Don’t blame us friends if we’re not very present at the moment, we need to enjoy before the time slips awayadded Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas when announcing the arrival of their first child. For almost a week we have joined our little cloud.. and we don’t know when we will come back down there.. But for our memories, as much as to please those who support us and at the sight of the messages we receive , who also love us.. we will share a video on our YouTube channel as soon as possible in which we will discover the birth and our stay in the maternity ward.” As a reminder, Shanna Kress was initially pregnant with twins, two boys. But the heart of one of them stopped and the young mother had to undergo an abortion.

Shanna Kress mom: she reveals a new photo of her son, this detail that marks the spirits

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