Saint-Quentin-les-Anges: rocked by the theater, Matthieu Goulay embarked on the stand-up

In the future, Matthieu Goulay would very much like to play in Mayenne and especially at home, in Saint-Quentin-les-Anges (Mayenne). He started stand-up in May 2022 in Angers (Maine-et-Loire). (©Haut Anjou)

In the Louis-Garnier room, at Saint-Quentin-les-Anges (Mayenne)memories resurface in the head of Matthew Goulay when he sees the scene.

“When I come back here, there is an atmosphere that is familiar to me”, laughs the young man of 24 years. “I remember a cabaret group that came here with a love-themed show. »

“I found myself doing sketches on my own as an interlude. It was the day of my 18 years old. I found the same feeling when I did stand-up for the first time. »

Born on the boards

Son of the former president of Douve theater then director Phillipe and Maryse Goulay director of the Troupe de la Douve, he got into stand-up in May 2022 to Angers (Maine et Loire).

“I always did theater when I was a kid. Of my 9 to my 17 years, before leaving for higher education and quitting. I still came back for spontaneous shows, parties, etc. »

“On the season 2021-2022, I had taken up the theater again. I really enjoyed getting back on the boards. Without knowing it, I had missed it. »

From theater to stand-up

“However, the fact of having rehearsals, imposed dates and a self-dependent troupe, that bothered me because I have a job varying in terms of schedule. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Camera editor for an audiovisual company in Angersit is in a bar of the city that he discovers the stand-up, via a poster.

He ends up going on stage, one evening, during five minutes, with jokes written during his breaks at work. “There, I hear the first laughter. I say to myself: “It’s weird, I feel like I belong.” »

“Finally, I feel like I was doing stand-up in my day-to-day life.”

Matthew Goulay

During his performance, Matthew recalls with sympathy his childhood in the Mayenne countryside for seventeen years.

“What I could see from the portrayal of the countryside, especially in an urban environment, was a degrading, somewhat contemptuous point of view. I want to laugh with the campaign rather than laughing at the campaign. »

He returns with humor to his condition, such as having been a vegetarian from 13 years old in the only department where there are more pigs and cows than inhabitants, or on the concept of lotto dung.

Pride of parents

Town names like Ruillé-Cold-Fonds (Mayenne) also come out of his mouth. “The countryside is also a setting, I make a lot of jokes about my life, my parents. »

“I accentuate their character traits to serve a story, but with a tender gaze. I didn’t tell anyone about my first scene. My mother came for the first time in September 2022. »

“My father came end of October 2022. I was more afraid of my father’s reaction, as he is more about theater culture than stand-up. I heard him laugh and it’s priceless. »

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Saint-Quentin-les-Anges: rocked by the theater, Matthieu Goulay embarked on the stand-up

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