Saïd Amellal, Agen RC coach: “France – Morocco, it’s like choosing between my father and my mother!”

Of Moroccan origin, Saïd Amellal, a well-known figure in football in the Agenais, was obviously in heaven on Saturday evening. His two heart countries have qualified for the 2022 World Cup and will face each other in the semi-finals. “I pinch myself again,” he slips into a broad smile.

We imagine that you had a beautiful evening on Saturday evening?

Of course, that doesn’t happen every day! Especially since we were playing at 8 p.m. against Astaffort (3-1 victory for Agen RC). The players had celebrated just before Place du Pin! And during the match, I won’t hide from you that we also watched the Les Bleus match, with the other team, on our phones…

This team from Morocco never ceases to amaze!

It is true that it surprises many people, but not us. Those who follow her regularly are only half surprised. We were perhaps the only ones to believe it. As in the Algerian team, there are very good players. And on this World Cup, they managed to break the glass ceiling. But it’s true that even today, we wonder “are they really half?”

She exudes a real collective strength…

All credit goes to Walid Regragui. Like Didier Deschamps, he managed to form a collective. They are fun to watch. However, some play in Brest, Angers… We will say “second zone” players. But when they put on the jersey of the national team, they transcend themselves. It’s good, it highlights African football.

Regarding the Blues, they confirm after 2018. Something that is very hard to achieve in modern football.

We find the same state of mind as in Russia, with this defensive force. We feel a real group. Besides, fortunately there are all those wounded! Otherwise, there was no point in playing the World Cup. Or to find out who was going to finish second. From the beginning, I made France my favorite. In terms of players, qualitatively and quantitatively, we have nothing to envy in Brazil. The wealth of our country is enormous.

And on Wednesday evening, these two countries will compete for a place in the World Cup final…

Choosing between France and Morocco is like choosing between my father and my mother! There is this tendency in France, to support the outsider. But whatever the result, we will have won.

A match that will unleash the passions we imagine!

Yes and I sincerely hope that there will be no political recovery. There should only be joy. For the little anecdote, Saturday night was the first time I saw my father cry for football! I would never have believed it. Football, national selections, it touches deep within us. The image that the Moroccan team sends back is beautiful, in the attitude, the words, no bad gestures, the mothers who return to the field to join their son. I think that’s what moved him.

What to expect Wednesday night?

We are not asked to choose! It would make sense for France to win. But whoever wins, he will have to go all the way. Above all, I hope it will be a good party. If France qualifies, let the Moroccan fans celebrate their team’s fine run and the qualification of the Blues. That there are no words that could be taken over by others. Simply live a beautiful moment of football, all together.

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Saïd Amellal, Agen RC coach: “France – Morocco, it’s like choosing between my father and my mother!”

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