The state press is shameful. She is the heiress of Pravda who had entered the service of the Communist Party. Under cover of moral purity, its immaculate journalists subscribe to this subjection. They are, in their docility, potential disinformators.

Don’t take the hand they offer you: their claim to honesty is suspect. Since November 16, journalists from the state radio and television have offered to choose the right information for you and to be disinterested guides. You could see their advertising message: 14 media clerks, dressed in a white T-shirt, gathered under the slogan: “Info or intox? We help you sort it out ». Signed: France TV. The France Télévisions group specifies, to flatter itself, that it “is involved alongside the Ministry of National Education and Youth and is mobilizing in a movement to fight against disinformation”. George Orwell had staged Big Brother and his service of the “reality check”. France TV also proposes to help the power to impose its narrative by tracking down fake news, hate speech, conspiracies: accusations usually launched by Macronie against those who doubt the official word.

These state media (France 2, France Inter, France Culture, France Info, etc.) are shameful. They are the heirs of Pravda, who had entered the service of the Communist Party. Under cover of moral purity, these immaculate journalists subscribe to this subjection. They are, in their docility, potential disinformators. They proclaim themselves guardians of the authorized truth, but have renounced the critical spirit. This clergy offers propaganda journalism, built on the infantilization of the citizen, the re-education of the masses, the denunciation of the deviant. In Death is my professionRobert Merle makes his character, who has become a Nazi camp guard, say: “Our duty, our only duty was to obey. » It is towards this darkened world that public audiovisual tends when it slavishly places itself on the side of the handle and the polishing brush. Kant had instituted the “Sapere Aude” (“Dare to think for yourself”) of Horace as a symbol of the Enlightenment. In its regiment, the fall of France TV is dizzying.

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These purifying angels see the media as tools for recovery. They despise freedom of expression, fear pluralism, twist the facts. In more than forty years of career, I have never been invited into the sanitized world of France Inter. When Elon Musk made known his intention to buy Twitter at the beginning of November, this radio station chose to process the information by emphasizing that it was making “fachosphere” and “the euphoric extreme right”. When the deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas was sanctioned for having saidocean vikingthis humanitarian ship which landed its 234 passengers now in the wild, “Let him return to Africa! »the same public media explained that the chosen one had been “excluded 15 days after his racist remarks”. In reality, Fournas was sanctioned for “tumult”, nothing in his remarks relating to racism. The public service has not leaked the money laundering in the first instance of Professor Christian Perronne, prosecuted by the Council of the Order of Physicians for having criticized the government’s health policy. And when, on August 10, France 2 wanted to denounce a bombardment attributed to Russia on the Zaporijia nuclear power plant, the channel passed off a wobbly chimney for a missile planted on a roof…

Scrubbing thinking, social control and the regimentation of minds are poisons for democracy. When the pluralism of opinions becomes suspect, including at the heart of a journalism subservient to power, the totalitarian drift looms. The France Télévisions news launderers are ideologues. They are similar to free speech abusers. They dream of stifling social networks and silencing dissidents. It goes without saying that moderation is needed to prohibit calls for murder, violence, racism, anti-Semitism, pedophilia, etc. Musk panics the barnyard for showing up in “free speech absolutist” and for restoring Donald Trump’s Twitter account. But Musk never claimed to leave Twitter open to the worst. Laetitia Avia, not happy to have signed her freedom-killing law, assures, with Rachel-Flore Pardo (The worldOctober 31): “Of course we need to regulate the giants of public communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, TikTok and Instagram more, but we can no longer let Telegram [NDLR : messagerie privée] off the radar! » This frenzy of thought surveillance, including by Arcom (ex-CSA), reveals a suspended power.

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All these people must be named for what they are: dangers to individual freedoms and intimate opinions. It will have been necessary to wait for Jean-François Delfraissy to leave his presidency of the scientific council, at the end of July 2022, for him to recognize, in addition to the mediocrity of vaccines, the authoritarianism of the State which has neglected the opinion of citizens and passed on “health before humanity”. The public information service will never have had a word to warn against the authoritarian excesses of state hygiene. He will never have had a word to warn, if not after the Carabinieri, against the sectarian assaults of the new scientistic, ecologist, wokist religions. He will have drooled that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, that immigration is an opportunity, that populism is the danger. Journalists recently gave themselves a “charter” to be “Rising up to the climate emergency” and “practice low-carbon journalism”excluding hearing those who doubt the full human responsibility for global warming.

But who is still fooled? The fight against “fake news”, “hate speech” or “conspiracy” are first and foremost pretexts to deny disturbing realities. It is not up to a judge to say whether information is good to say, pleasant to receive, admissible by the system. It is not up to a self-proclaimed “fact-checker” to decide who should be exposed or silenced. It is urgent to free France Télévisions from its censors.

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