Puzzle to test your IQ: spot the mistake on the breakfast table in 5 seconds

Puzzles to test your IQ are a great way to train your brain. And speaking of the brain, after taking a few seconds to find the answers to the puzzles illustrated below, try to see the hidden details of Michelangelo’s fresco “The Creation of Adam”. Your culture will be enriched with amazing knowledge and you will also have something to think about that you can complete with your personal points of view.

A simple breakfast : milk, a bottle of fruit juice and chocolate cereal. What is the error in this image? The detail is so big that you don’t notice it immediately. You have less than 5 seconds to find the answer. Examine each of the four objects in 5 seconds, the error lies on one of these breakfast items.

Can you spot the mistake on the breakfast table in less than 5 seconds?

If you couldn’t find the error on the breakfast table, take a look at the following image. You will be surprised how obvious the answer to this puzzle is. What is written on the milk carton? And the picture below? What is the connection between the two? You have the answer before your eyes. Almond milk with the image of a cow’s head.

Cow’s milk or almond milk, what a dilemma!

breakfast on a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth with a bowl full with milk and chocolate chip cookies with a blue circle for the riddle answer

Why is the child with the sled so surprised?

Snow falling in abundance for endless games, a snowman is already on her feet, these children are having fun while one of them is surprised by what he has just seen between the trees. What is that ?

The child was surprised by a hidden detail in the winter landscape around him

why the little boy is surprised next to two other children who are building a snowman

Besides the trees, what else do you see? The branches of the trees recall the outlines of deer horns. A silhouette stands out. And it is indeed a wild animal. What a surprise !

The deer in the wood is highlighted in blue

why the little boy is surprised next to two other children who make a snowman with a blue ellipse to highlight the answer

Which of these gentlemen is the young woman’s lover?

Four very chic people, in a bar, among them a couple. Can you recognize which of these men is the young woman’s companion? You will be entitled to the clue which will help you to solve this puzzle. The couple has an identical recognizable detail on both.

What is the detail that will make the difference?

drawing of three men sitting at the bar turn towards the woman who is standing in front of them

These are two identical brooches that our two protagonists carry on them. Their couple is recognizable by the link of the detail. Two blue circles show the answer in the next image.

Have you noticed the detail that unites our two protagonists?

drawing of three men sitting at the bar facing the woman who is standing in front of them with two blue circles of two similar details

How attentive are you to hidden details?

1508-1512, approximate period of the creation of the famous fresco “The Creation of Adam”. It is one of the nine scenes painted by Michelangelo on the central vault of the Sistine Chapel. Regardless of the era in which we live, man is moved by the unknown and the elusive. It is the essence of man’s creation that gives birth to all of humanity. The sacrament of this act is expressed through amazing anatomical symbols and details. Everything that is most obvious is hidden from view. Can you see the detail of the human brain in this fresco?

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him” Genesis 1:27

the creation of adam by michelange

The scale is exaggerated and symbolic, but how accurately the drawing shows us human anatomy is amazing. Half of the fresco is occupied by the detailed drawing of the brain. It is inspired by the book of Genesis, the index of God which joins that of Adam without touching it, gives the divine spark and created man. Also called inspiration, intuition or the voice of the soul. Incredibly mystical, the creation of man is visibly expressed through highly accurate anatomical drawings. The trinity of soul-god, mind-brain, sacred place of mental process and body, highlighted by the nudes. All these details, intertwined, constitute life. The green tissue is a possible interpretation of the cerebral artery. The god in the middle of the angels is visible in the detailed section of the human brain. His legs represent the spinal cord. An interpretation among others which gives object to reflection on the sacrament of life through the trinity of the body, the mind and the soul which are inseparable.

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Puzzle to test your IQ: spot the mistake on the breakfast table in 5 seconds

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