PSG – Troyes: Paris caught up after leading by two goals against very good Trojans… Relive this match live

On these few considerations, I leave you and wish you a beautiful night! Good recovery to those who have finished their vacation!

On these few considerations, I leave you and wish you a beautiful night! Good recovery to those who have finished their vacation!

On Prime Video, Marquinhos clearly suggests that, with the title in hand, this match was clearly not a priority for the Parisians. Funny end to the season, really, on the side of a still rebellious Parc des Princes.

The promoted Aube has a six-point lead over Saint-Etienne, play-off, who has a game behind to play Wednesday in Nice. Two days from the end, it feels very good maintenance for Troyes.

IT’S FINISH !!! A final cross from Mbappé, a volley blocked by Messi and it’s over. The Park whistles but Troyes is in heaven and almost maintained.

90th +3: +3: Paris has clearly been pushing for a few minutes. Estac clings to its draw like a tick to my cat.

90th +2: +2: Messi finally!!! The Argentinian leans full axis on Wijnaldum and finds the top of the crossbar, having already hit the post in the first period.


89th: FIRST STEPS IN LIGUE 1 for Ismaël Gharbi (18), in place of Angel di Maria.

88th : Come on, let’s break things up a bit on the Troyes side. Tristan Dingome replaces Rominigue Kouame.

86th: STRIKE BY MBAPPE!!! No worries for Jessy Moulin and his sublime pink jersey. Well yes, it’s the time of the Giro.

84th: Fabulous cross from the left for Di Maria, who has found his second wind. Marquinhos’ header goes just wide.

82nd : Very nice acceleration from Di Maria and logical yellow card for Kouamé who retained him.

80th : It’s still damn handicapping for Pochettino not to be able to touch the sacred cows. If his name was Florian Pichon and not Lionel Messi, the PSG number 30 would have been out a long time ago.

77th : It’s crossover time. In Troyes, Salmier replaces the excellent Larouci, and Baldé relays Ugbo, the first Aube scorer. On the PSG side, Gueye succeeds Danilo and Wijnaldum that of Verratti, not flamboyant this evening.

75th : Another duel between Ripart and Neymar. The Parisian, embarrassed by the Trojan, manages to put himself in the axis on his right foot but his shot is without concern for Jessy Moulin.

73rd : Kouame, who started from the midfield, sinks into the Parisian camp like a knife warm in butter. But his strike is not precise. We are still not safe from a huge surprise…

69th: Messi makes a transparent match. Di Maria kinda faded after his excellent start. Mbappé has already had a better Sunday. For now, Neymar is the best of the ‘Fantastic Four’.

66th: Oh the heel of Tardieu, what a treat!!! At the end of the action, Larouci who went up the field can not conclude. It appears that Verratti stepped on a foot from the Trojan strategist, who briefly remains on the ground.

65th: Neymar swings Rippart who had just tickled his ankles. Brief rise of tension on the ground. Mr. Brisard shows a yellow card for both players.

63rd : Head of Kimpembe on a corner of Di Maria. On the ring…

60th : Lionel Messi who makes 18 touches before attempting a subtle shot from the left. It’s right next to…

GOAL REFUSED!!! For lack of image, the referee M. Brisard follows the advice of his VAR colleagues and refuses the goal.

The VAR screen does not work. It’s a joke…

58th: NEYMAR’S SECOND GOAL? Mbappé goes into contact with Palmer-Brown and seems to charge him in the back. In the process, Neymar takes the ball and scores a double. But there will be recourse to VAR…

57th : The two Trojan pistons, Larouci and Kaboré, make a hell of a match.

53rd: HAKIMI COLLAPSES IN THE TROYEN SURFACE!!! Mbappé’s pass was a treat. There is still a gesture from the hand of Abou, the Aube defender. No penalty this time though.

52′: Ouch, Neymar’s ankle… Small fright when the Brazilian, who we know is fragile with his joints, stayed on the ground. But he gets up.

50th : Paris led 2-0 without showing much and was overtaken by Trojans who never closed the game or abdicated. Deserved…


48th : After Neymar-Moulin, it’s Tardieu-Navas with the goalkeeper who tries to distract the shooter…

47th: PENALTY FOR TROYES!!! We make a rotten valve and bam, Renaud Ripart collapses in the surface, hooked by Kimpembe …

46th : Prime Video indicates that all the Parisian substitutes left to warm up, except Sergio Ramos. I hope a Rwandan gorilla didn’t step on his calf.

9:47 p.m. : The players come out of the locker room. Attention ladies and gentlemen, in a moment, it will (re)start.

IT’S HALF-TIME. Paris leads logically but Troyes dearly defends its skin. Thank you gentlemen, see you in a few minutes.

45th+1: +1: Recovery, dribbling, hitting… Mbappé takes care of everything. But Jessy Moulin watches, as on the corner shot directly by Di Maria who follows.

44th: The pace drops a little at the end of the very nice first half. I would not have thought to write that three-quarters of an hour ago.

42nd : The slip + foul combo on Danilo de Ripart should not be shown in football schools.

41st : Having seen Lorient and Troyes play today, ESTAC is infinitely more pleasing than Les Merlus. Well, a priori the two teams should remain in the elite.

39th : Again Messi who strikes from afar this time. Beside… Originally, a superb overflow of Nuno Mendes. You have to say it when it’s good, too.

37th: MESSI ON THE POST!!! Oh the interior love of the left of the Pulga!!! Behind, Neymar scores but he is offside.

31st : Messi not very far from 3-1 at the far post but his complicated recovery is missed. Not famous the Argentinian for the moment…

30th: GOAL OF UGBO FOR TROYES!!! Superb cross strike from the Aube center forward, who recovers a full axis pass from Nuno Mendes, really catastrophic this evening.

27th : Mbappé was able to return to the field. The Madrid press was on the verge of releasing special editions on violence in Ligue 1.

25th: And the attempted brainwashing of the Trojan goalkeeper didn’t work. Moulin did not flinch and NEYMAR PUT HIM ON HIS RIGHT. 2-0 QUIET

25th : Penalty validated by the VAR (logic). It is Neymar who will shoot him. Funny sequence between the Brazilian and Jessy Moulin who tries more or less to distract him.

23rd: PENALTY FOR PARIS!!! This devil of Mbappé (copyright CJP) served by Neymar, goes too fast for Palmer-Brown who mows him down. Kyky stays on the ground.

20th : Another corner for Troyes. We also see a lot of Tardieu, the prototype of the “good Ligue 1 player”.

19th: Superb tackle from Verratti in full Parisian surface to block Kaboré’s ride. The Trojan left winger has been misery for Nuno Mendes since the start of the match.

16th : Renaud Ripart, the blond lookalike of Gareth Bale, remains on the ground. But it’s going to be fine… I’m a little worried, after experiencing the Marseille massacre (four injured) during OM’s victory in Lorient this afternoon.

14th : The Estac on the attack again! The Parisians may be managing a little too much…

11th: Verratti, too easy, loses a dangerous ball. Renaud Ripart sees his shot deflected for a corner by a PSG defender.

11th : The Trojans do not close the game. They pass a lot through the young Larouci on the left side.

10th : Served by Mbappé, Di Maria not far from scoring the second goal. Superb start to the match of the future ex-Parisian.

6th: GOAL FOR PSG!!! Superb cross from Di Maria on the left side and Marquinhos surprises Jessy Moulin at close range.

5th: DI MARIA IS 2 FINGERS FROM SCORE. One-two with Verratti and the Argentinian wraps up a left-footed marvel repelled by Moulin.

4th: Free kick very well taken by Tardieu and Biancone, embarrassed by a teammate, is very close to opening the scoring… He missed 10 good centimeters of relaxation for Kimpembe on the spot.

3rd : First Trojan offensive with a small bridge from Larouci on Hakimi, which catches the Franco-Algerian. Free kick for Estac.

2nd : Back from Rwanda, Sergio Ramos rests on the bench.

8:42 p.m. : Huge atmosphere at the Park obviously. It feels like a Toussaint day in Issoudun.

8:40 p.m. : On Prime Video, Thierry Henry hopes for Mbappé the “20-20”: more than 20 goals and more than 20 assists this season in L1. For the pawns, it’s good; for the offerings, there is still a bit of work.

8:35 p.m .: We necessarily expect Mbappé to improve his stats as top scorer (24) and best passer (15) in Ligue 1. For one of his last matches with PSG?

8:25 p.m. : And the Troyes team, you ask me, friends of Estac? Here it is, don’t worry. There are fewer stars, of course.

8:15 p.m.: Good evening everyone! We are waiting for the promises of Dawn tonight at the Park (do you have it?) In the meantime, here is the composition of PSG. It’s heavy since even Leo Messi, uncertain because of a rib problem, is a starter.

73rd: The atmosphere is not very festive these days on the side, and there is not too much reason that it will change this Sunday evening for the reception of Troyes. The least celebrated were also Navas, Ramos , Kehrer and Draxler have just returned, and everyone is waiting for the pin. But there are still three games to play in Ligue 1, including this meeting against Estac, promoted further away from maintenance.

>> Because we are not immune to Kyky Mbappé still making us dream, we meet again at 8:15 p.m.

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PSG – Troyes: Paris caught up after leading by two goals against very good Trojans… Relive this match live

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