Prime Video: What are the new series not to miss in 2023?

Here is the non-exhaustive list of the latest series offered by Prime Video. To enjoy it, subscribe now to the Amazon Prime streaming platform.

How do I watch the latest Prime Video content?

Like every month, the channel enriches its repertoire with many new features. January 2023 will be no exception with several series offered exclusively by the platform. To access it, subscribe for €69.90 per year or €6.99 per month, after a free trial month.

You are a student ? Benefit from 50% off your subscription and pay only €3.49 per month and €34.95 per year after a free 3-month trial period.

What are the series not to miss in January?

“This Is Us” by Dan Fogelman

Don’t miss the grand finale of this family drama that will have marked minds and hearts for 6 seasons: we follow the lives of Kevin, Randall and Kate as well as their parents, Jack and Rebecca Pearson. While Kevin and Kate are the two survivors of the triplets expected by Rebecca, Randall, meanwhile, is an African-American child found by the couple in front of a fire station and adopted into their family as their own son.

The program had immediate success in the United States and Europe, thrilling viewers throughout the highlights of the Pearsons’ lives. It’s been official for a while now, it’s time to say goodbye to the characters beautifully played by Justin Hartley (“Smallville”), Chrissy Metz (“American Horror Story”), Jack (“Heroes”) and Mandy Moore (” Rapunzel”).

“Cosmic Love” presented by Nabilla

Amazon’s video platform has just unveiled its latest reality TV program: after “Love Island”, the channel is once again calling on Nabilla Vergara to present a new show, this time under the sign of love and stars. The star of “Angels of reality TV” welcomes 4 women in a luxurious villa in the Maltese archipelago: they have all chosen to use astrology to succeed in finding love. It is a mystical guide who, by studying their birth chart, will allow them to find their “cosmic lover”. But the candidates are not at the end of their surprises… Between deceptions, jealousies, disappointments, will they finally manage to find true love?

This very big production with a budget of several tens of millions of euros was shot in the magnificent landscapes of the island of Gozo and will be available only on Prime Video from January 5th.

“The Rig: Into the Fog” by David MacPherson

This little nugget of horror cinema is one of the most anticipated original creations of the start of the 2023 school year. The story takes place on a Scottish oil platform lost in the waters of the North Sea. As some prepare to return to the mainland, a strange fog prevents them from approaching the British shores. Very quickly, the crew understands that a supernatural force coming from the depths is trying to attack them. Trapped, the atmosphere quickly becomes heavy…

This first series by David Macpherson is carried by a quality cast. We recognize in particular familiar faces, such as that of Iain Glen (“Game of Thrones”, “Titans”), Emily Hampshire (“Schitt’s Creek”, “12 Monkeys”), Owen Teale (“Game of Thrones”) and Martin Compston (“Sweet Sixteen”).

Spectators can expect brutal deaths, action and particularly surprising revelations… Follow the ordeal of these castaways from January 6 on Prime Video.

“The Test”, season 2 by Adrian Brown and Sheldon Wynne

Amazon Prime exclusively offers the first series on the theme of cricket, this English sport often overlooked in France. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Australian men’s team which seeks to restore its reputation… Indeed, in 2018, the players had been the subject of major scandals, accused in particular of attempts to cheat in the middle of a match.

Will the team manage to regain its integrity and win the title of world champion again? This original and exciting content will be broadcast from January 13 on the platform.

“Hunters”, season 2 by David Weill

This is the great return of Nazi hunters on Prime Video. After a particularly successful first season, the group led by Al Pacino is back in action. The scenario takes us to 1977, when hundreds of officers plan to establish the Fourth Reich in the United States, members of a secret society try to stop them at all costs. The second season promises to be crazier than ever between anti-Nazi crusade in South America and a return to the origins of the group founded by the mysterious character of Offerman, a survivor of the Auschwitz camp.

Adrenaline guaranteed for this uchronic series with bloody and jubilant action scenes. We cannot ignore the 5-star cast with Al Pacino (“The Godfather”, “Scarface”) as headliners, but also Jerrika Hinton (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Jennifer Jason Leigh (“Fargo”, “The Dirty Eight”), Josh Radnor (“How I Met Your Mother”) and Logan Lerman (“Fury”). Don’t miss one of the most anticipated programs of the year, available from January 13 on Prime Video.

“Mad Men”, season 1 to 7 by Matthew Weiner

If you don’t know this cult series yet, you’re in luck, Prime Video is streaming all episodes from all 7 seasons this month on its platform.

From the first minutes, the viewer is taken into the daily life of an advertising agency in New York in the 1960s. The series is largely driven by solid gold talents, yet almost all of them unknown at the time. We are of course thinking of Jon Hamm, formidable in the skin of Don Draper, Elisabeth Moss in the role of secretary Peggy Olson, but also January Jones, Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser, Jared Harris, Kiernan Shipka, Robert Morse and Jessica Paré. With them, it is the portrait of an entire era marked by several fundamental historical events in the history of the United States.

Launched in 2007 on AMC, Mad Men immediately met with a certain success, both critical and public, thanks to its high-level writing and its refined staging. Season after season, over the course of laughter, tears, crises, failures, lies, we become more and more attached to what makes the soul of this series: its deep humanity.

Don Draper fans will be able to rewatch the entirety of “Mad Men” starting January 15 on the platform.

At Prime Video, new year rhymes with new series. Discover all the news of the channel by subscribing as soon as possible.

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Prime Video: What are the new series not to miss in 2023?

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