Prime Video: Kendrick Lamar’s concert will be broadcast live!

Kendrick Lamar’s concert scheduled at L’Accor Arena in Paris should be broadcast live on Prime Video. Great news !

Kendrick Lamar fans are over the moon. Indeed, Amazon Prime Video has taken the decision to broadcast the concert of the famous rapper live. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z about this event not to be missed!

Kendrick Lamar a talented artist

It’s no longer a secret! Kendrick Lamar is an accomplished artist. Since his beginnings in the musical world, the young man has taken the lead. Soon, it should also land on Prime Video.

Indeed, today it is one of the most popular rappers of his generation. Proud of his success, he confided, a few years ago, in the columns of Forbes magazine.

For him, his career in music has become obvious. “The moment I realized that I really wanted to rap that’s when I released a single that was really shitty. This was undoubtedly the key moment. Because right now you’re at the lowest point of what you want to do. »

“But at the same time I didn’t realize it was also the highest moment because I went back to the studio and started again, I persevered. That’s when I realized that was what I wanted to do because I didn’t give up even after making a shitty sound.” thus explained the one who should soon collaborate with Prime Video.

But that’s not all ! He also spoke about being considered a conscious rapper. “Everyone has their own opinion. There’s one thing 50 Cent said that will always stick in my mind: ‘We’re all aware. »

All rappers are aware in their own way. They have a deep understanding of what their experience is and project those life lessons through their music or even the way they live day to day. » MCE TV tells you more about Kendrick Lamar and his project with Prime Video.

A concert broadcast on Prime Video

Then you will understand, Kendrick Lamar is an influential artist. So Prime Video made the decision to broadcast his concert on the platform.

Good news therefore for the rapper’s fans who should be numerous to meet in front of the small screen for the event.

This Saturday, October 22, 2022, the interpreter of the title “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” should perform on the stage of the Accor Arena in Paris. A concert that Prime Video subscribers will have the chance to watch live !

But do not panic ! If you can’t free yourself for this extraordinary evening, then you can watch the concert later.

The rapper’s show will be available on demand for all subscribers to the VOD service. And this, for free! There is no denying it, Prime Video does everything to satisfy music lovers. Lately, it’s moreover a documentary about Orelsan which was causing the buzz. A realization in two parts which did not fail to convince rap lovers.

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Prime Video: Kendrick Lamar’s concert will be broadcast live!

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