Prayers To Make A Man Crazy In Love From A Distance

Are you looking for some prayers to make a man crazy in love from a distance? Do you want your loved one to come to you as soon as possible?

Avoid contacting powerful marabouts who do voodoo or African tricks on the net, as they offer no guarantees. Say the following prayers for someone to love you madly forever.

Why prayers to make a man madly in love from a distance?

a beautiful woman stands in nature and prays

Prayer is giving our attention to God in a two-way spiritual relationship where we talk to God and listen to Him as well. Prayer works miracles.

It is like a child’s conversation with his father. It is natural for a child to ask his father for things he needs, or to seek his advice or guidance.

We do not pray alone, but with Christians throughout the ages and around the world. Prayer connects us with God and others, and Christians pray in the name of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

By praying, we offer each situation to God, and God uses our prayers to bring love and justice to the world.

Unlike a ritual of white magic, red magic or black magic, prayer is a ritual of free powerful love that never hurts anyone.

It has great properties for benign bewitchments and disenchantments. You do not need a sighted grand master marabout to perform this light version of the white magic ritual.

Moreover, when you pray, it is not considered a love spell. You just ask the lord to grant what your heart desires most in the world.

Prayers to ensure the return of the loved one

Almighty Father,

You understand my thoughts and desires. You are a witness to all my truth. You know how to welcome my testimonies and my desires. You are a great confidant, and my gratitude for you is eternal. I’m glad you listened to me when things were tough in my past life. Thank you for offering me your knowledge, for sharing your support and unconditional love.

As you know so well, I’m in love with Marco and I can’t get it out of my head. Gradually, the feeling of affection and friendship that turned into deep love caught my attention. I ask you Lord, your help, your grace, your light and your strength, that from this moment Marco falls in love only and desperately with me.

I want to have such a deep connection with him that even if he leaves me in the future, I will miss him and we will be connected forever and so I will never forget each other. Father, I ask that I be his main thought when he wakes up and the one that fills his day. The simple fact of knowing that a man in love revolves around me will make him jealous and will make him realize that I love him more because I am faithful to him.

Give him a lot of courage to express his love.


Powerful prayer for a quick emotional return

a woman stands up and prays


You chose for me to love this man with all my heart and to accept him unconditionally. Now he is a lost love. I suffer that he does not give me the same feelings. I fell deeply in love with him and I ask for nothing more than that he loves me back. I want it back. Please, my God, guide me through this difficult and confusing time.

Let our friendship turn into a beautiful love relationship. Make him open his heart and accept me and the love I give him. I really love him and I pray every day for his happiness. Please, dear God, help us find true love and happiness with each other.

I thank you in advance for this prayer of bewitchment of love to reunite me with my soul mate.


Bewitchment prayer for a quick return of affection

My God,

Please help me. I feel an obsessive love for a man and I want him to feel the same feelings for me. I would like him to love me. Please bring him back to me and make him talk to me again. I miss this man a lot and I get depressed when he is not by my side. Without him, I am lost. Please, my God, make us go back together. Make sure he loves me and thinks of me all the time. Please hear my prayer. I believe in you and in this healthy emotional return ritual.

I constantly think of him. Adam is always in my thoughts. Please Almighty God put Adam in my way and bring him back to me, make him love me. I would like my ex to talk to me again and fall in love with me again. Please do a miracle. I really want Adam to be my boyfriend. Lord, let Adam speak to me. Please make him my boyfriend, please Lord.


Powerful prayer a man’s eternal love

a beautiful woman with long brown hair is praying

My Almighty God,

You are the creator of the sky and it is you who can transform everything in the world. You are the creator of love and you are responsible for sending your positive vibrations to every corner of the planet. You share the feelings of love that are within you and inspire us to love others honestly and sincerely.

Lord, I love my partner deeply and I’m sure he’s in love with me too. I’m still afraid that our relationship will end up deteriorating after a few years and that the breakup is imminent.

Holy Father, I feel the need to be honest with him, I will be for eternity because you taught me that love can only grow in honesty. This is why I praise you today from the bottom of my heart with my hands wide open.

I’m scared, Lord God. I have my spouse stop having love for me and become attracted to sin. I want to receive the protection of angels, saints, the Virgin Mary.

Protect me from all sin, evil and wrath. Surround me with your sacred mantle, and fill me with sympathy as well as positive vibrations.

Make her feel that a deep love will come over her and that we will be together forever. Help him to express his feelings freely and above all, without complexes. He is a loving person, and I ask you to ensure that he remains so kind, my Father and almighty lord.


Prayer to alleviate our love problems

Almighty Lord,

My heart opens to love and your plans are perfect for me. Your prayer is like a love spell and occult works for pagans.

I met the man of my life, and I fell in love with his kindness, his benevolence, his honesty and his good humor. Today I light a white candle to praise you.

May Jesus Christ allow our souls to be forever intertwined and our futures bound! I want nothing more than to be with you and hold your hand. I am ready to follow your teachings, Lord my God. Thank you for your unconditional and pure love.


Prayer for the return in love of an ex

a beautiful woman with long brown hair sits on an armchair and prays

Holy Spirit,

You who know the power of my being and of my soul. I ask you to grant my request, that with your strength you make me approach my beloved.

That this man feels that my personality is compatible with his and that he is attracted to me, I make a request to you my Holy God, to guide his will and that his wish is to be part of my life.

Look at me and feel all my love and devotion for him. Beloved Holy Spirit, master of unconditional love, come to me for I fervently ask you to help me answer my prayers.

I ask that all your love ceases to be indifferent to me, that it ceases to avoid me, that it is always ready to discuss, that the vibrations are only in my favor.

I openly ask you to direct the man I love towards me and that my energy transcends, that my power is ready to unite me with the one who makes my heart beat.

By the spiritual strength of my soul mate, of my beloved, dear Holy Spirit from Heaven, fill me with your energy so that this man loves me madly. Today is the perfect day for us to come together.

I promise you with all my soul to love him unconditionally. So make him happy forever when I’m by his side. Help me remove the sadness in his life and in his heart.

Today, Lord Jesus Christ, I earnestly ask for His love and companionship.


The final word

If you feel the need to recite a little prayer to make a man crazy in love from a distance right now, avoid looking for a magic formula, contacting a clairvoyant medium or a real African marabout, especially if the person offers his services by WhatsApp .

Instead, say a prayer that comes from the heart to attract the person of your heart. Choose a prayer to touch someone’s heart.

Have faith in love, have the conviction and the desire to have this particular man with you despite the distance. For immediate emotional return prayers, you just need to have faith just like for magical emotional return rituals or any other form of clairvoyance.

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Prayers To Make A Man Crazy In Love From A Distance

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