Philadelphia, December 4, 1806 | On October 18, 1806, Pétion sings a “Te Deum of rejoicing” to celebrate the assassination of Dessalines, October 16, 1806

According Philadelphia Gazette and The Empire Journalaccording to texts dated December 4, 1806 and January 25, 1807 (see copy), the assassination of Dessalines took place on the morning of October 16, 1806.

Philadelphia December 4 1806 On October 18 1806 Petion
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This Monday evening or possibly Tuesday morning, there will be at least twenty Conzés and stateless people (Ariel Henry and his 19 ministers) and their guardians (the oligarchs) and supporters (Martelly, Lamothe, Edmonde Beauzile, André Michel… the ambassadors BBQ) to “rejoice” at a vote of the UN Security Council ordering a new “muscular” occupation of the territory of Dessalines the day after the 216th anniversary of his assassination.

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Monday, October 17 – Year 216 of the Assassination of Emperor Dessalines- ((–

“Le Journal de l’Empire” in its edition of January 25, 1807, of which Rezo Nodwes obtained an original electronic copy, reproduced a “ official report dated October 17, 1806 published in the columns of the American newspaper “Philadelphia Gazette”, some time after the heinous assassination of Emperor Dessalines, October 16, 1806.

This report specifies The Empire Journal“contains the details of the revolution that happened in Saint-Domingue” in the days preceding and following Dessalines’ death.

The newspaper which returned to the insurgencies in the southern departments of the country, indicated that these places ” were the scene of the most atrocious crimes“, just to make Dessalines wear a tyrant’s hat, forgetting the degree of dehumanization of slaves by the colonists three years earlier, before the epic of Vertières.

To pull off the coup against Dessalines, the Philadelphia Gazette reported in its December 4, 1806 dispatch that “the mulatto Pétion”, Gérin (Dessalines’ Minister of War), Férou, and Vaval (two other Dessalines officers) ” arrived on October 15, with quite considerable forces, in Leogane and occupied the same day Port-au-Prince“.

The conspiracy

Dessalines’ vanguard marched all night; but on the proposals made to him; it joins the insurgent army. Deputations of soldiers and inhabitants went to Petion asked him for the death of Dessalines, as necessary to maintain freedom“, reported the dispatch while all Haitians had acquired a taste for freedom on January 1, 1804 at the Proclamation of Independence.

The execution of the assassination plan

Dessalines advances towards Port-au-Prince, unaware that this place is occupied by the rebels, on October 16, in the morning he arrived at the outpostsand learned that he was in the midst of his enemies only on seeing that they were taking steps to arrest him.

He (Dessalines) sought to flee“, indicated Philadelphia Gazette in its text reproduced by the Journal of the Empire, in January 1807, adding that “ he received a mortal blow that ended his life“, but for its detractors and neo-colonialists, “ his crimes“.

Mardine, one of the colonels who wanted to defend the Emperor Dessalines, specified Philadelphia Gazette, December 4, 1806, “experienced the same fate”. “Several other people in his suite were injured.”

October 18, 1806, Pétion is jubilant

It’s a beautiful holiday on October 18, 1806 just like this October 18, 2022 with the conze Ariel Henry and his 19 angelic ministers. The whites should disembark to come and consolidate their power under the pretext of ” fight fearsome criminal gangs federated by the PHTK regime itself in less time during the last decade.

On October 18, 1806, Le Journal de l’Empire revealed, relaying a dispatch from the Philadelphia Gazette, ” the leaders of the insurrection Gérin, Pétion, Gayon, Vaval and Brunet”without ensuring that the remains of Emperor Dessalines, due to his ranks and titles and his magnanimity, have been buried with dignity, ” blackmailed in Port-au-Prince a Te Deum of celebration of their success”.

Five days later (the 21st), Le Journal de l’Empire reported that “the Black Army, in an address to General-in-Chief Henry Christophe, asked him to put himself at the head of the government; which he did not fail to accept on the spot. A proclamation was immediately posted to let the inhabitants know that they had changed masters.“.

Still in the article of January 25, 1807 of “Le Journal de l’Empire” edited from the article of December 4, 1806 published in Philadelphia Gazette, ” if the fall of Dessalines was prompt; we must believe that Christophe’s will not be long in coming“.

And to the newspaper to conclude: “Similar to all revolutionaries. who agree only to destroy, they were already divided the day after the death of their master“.

And now 216 years later, Haiti finds itself at a crossroads and the fate of Haitians is decided outside and this October 16, 2022, at the United Nations Security Council with the blessing of the “denatured sons of the country” making the reincarnation of evil spirits, the Emperor’s assassins, an absolute belief.

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sources: Le Journal de l’Empire, January 25, 1807, Section: Foreign News / United States of America – Philadelphia December 4, 1806 “Official report dated Port-au-Prince, October 17”.

Empire Newspaper | 1807-01-26 | Gallica (

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Philadelphia, December 4, 1806 | On October 18, 1806, Pétion sings a “Te Deum of rejoicing” to celebrate the assassination of Dessalines, October 16, 1806

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