Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow opens up about her abortion for the first time

Appalled and shocked by the Supreme Court’s decision, Meadow Walker spoke this Friday, June 24. The model, daughter of Paul Walker, revealed that she had an abortion in 2020.

A moving testimony. This Friday, June 24, many personalities took the floor to react to the cancellation, by the American Supreme Court, of the Roe vs. Wade judgment which recognized since 1973 the right to abortion at the federal level. From now on, it is the States which decide to authorize, or not, the recourse to the IVG. In the aftermath, several of them have also announced the ban on voluntary terminations of pregnancy. This decision, for Meadow Walker like many women, represents “a huge setback in history”. On her Instagram account, the 23-year-old model took the floor to point the finger “a profound injustice towards women across the United States”. “There are countless women who have struggled with the decision to have an abortion,” she added, before talking about a very personal episode of her life.

“I too struggled with choice, but in 2020, as the world fell apart during the pandemic, I had an abortionwrote the daughter of Paul Walker. It is a very private and personal experience. I was lucky to have an excellent doctor who supported me throughout the process. Thanks to their help, I am a happy and healthy person I am today.” After this Supreme Court decision, the model is in shock. “Knowing that even more women will not have the opportunity to seek safe pregnancy termination and choose their bodies first is absolutely heartbreaking, concluded Meadow Walker. In a world that consistently marginalizes women, this feels like the greatest assault of all. Banning abortion does not prevent abortions, it prevents safe abortions.

Meadow Walker had a “perfect” marriage

Meadow Walker did not wish to give more details about her abortion, but she had to be supported by her husband, Louis Thornton-Allan. After a few months of love, the two got married last October in the Dominican Republic in the presence of Vin Diesel, who accompanied her to the altar. “The pandemic prevented Louis’ family from coming, as well as many of our close friends.regretted the model in the columns of vogue. It was perfect and very personalized – and it was really easy and simple. With Louis, we knew exactly what we wanted from the start.” After the ceremony, the bride and groom and their loved ones gathered for a candlelit dinner and then a party on the beach. “We were all barefoot, dancing on the sand, she remembered. We ended the evening with a big fireworks display, and we lit lanterns in the starry sky.”

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow opens up about her abortion for the first time

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