Norbert Tarayre: his ex is dazzling, his daughter reveals rare photos of her!

Norbert Tarayre knew how to become a famous personality with all the enthusiasts of kitchen. We know him less as a father. However, this outstanding cook already has 3 daughters born from a first marriage. In 2020, in a relationship with the beautiful Abi, he also had the joy of having a son in 2020. Nevertheless, lately, it is good his 13-year-old daughter Lalywho has been talking about her and her mother on social networks.

The children of celebrities, more and more visible on the Web

Social networks remain a matter of generations. Unsurprisingly, many teenagers know these platforms like the back of their hands. Recently, the daughters of Johnny Hallyday or Florent Pagny have been able to make a lot of talk about them despite their young age.

The same goes for Norbert Tarayre, Chef from Val-d’Oise. Thus, his daughter Laly has nearly 4,000 subscribers on TikTok. She recently made the buzz by saluting the beauty of both parents. While some Internet users quickly recognized his father, others shared their admiration for the physique of Amandine, her mother.

Finally, some doubted the young girl, saying that she was inventing a family. Laly did not give importance to these reflections.

This tribute, although very tender, does not come out anywhere. In effect, the daughter of Norbert Tarayre mostly picked up a well-known trend on TikTok. The concept ? Just post a photo of yourself, followed by several shots of both parents.

Amandine, the ex-wife of Norbert Tarayre, more radiant than ever

The young Laly did not do things by halves. Despite her parents’ split in 2006, the teenager was keen to show the love she feels for his father and mother. Thus, this video includes several shots of Amandine, the ex-wife of Norbert Tarayre. For many, this is a startling discovery.

In fact, many people know Norbert Tarayre. Present on the small screen, but also on stage for years, he has made an impression. Thus, he started in Top Chef, before being entitled to his own show “Norbert Commis d’office”. But as for his ex-wife, she remained unknown to the general public.

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However, thanks to the video that Laly posted on TikTok, the face of Norbert Tarayre’s ex is no longer a secret. And it’s a gorgeous brunette. On several photos, we can see her, in a bikini, from the back or from the front. Like many girls, Laly seems to admire the beauty and elegance of his mother. Of course, she also shared several photos of her famous dad behind the stove.

Norbert Tarayre is definitely very lucky on the family level. After having rebuilt his life with the pretty Abi and the birth of his son in 2020, the chef also knows that he can count on the pride of his daughters. For Laly, we just want him to inherit of his father’s talent and his mother’s seductive looks. This young girl has a real sense of family.

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Norbert Tarayre: his ex is dazzling, his daughter reveals rare photos of her!

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