Netflix: this series breaks a totally improbable world record on the platform!

The streaming platform, Netflix, offers many films and series for all types of audiences. As a result, it often doesn’t take a lot of advertising for a movie or series to work on this platform. However, no director will refuse the publicity that this next record generates. Just arrived on Netflix, a new series has just broken a world record. This ad, in itself, will allow much more visibility to a series that was already working well! The Midnight Club, a series co-created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong, has just received an award for an improbable but true record. entering Guinness World Records, the record book for an amazing reason! We’ll explaine everything here !

The Midnight Club series

The big streaming platform, Netflix, offers many new programs every week. As a result, thousands of subscribers can take advantage of new features quite frequently. Recently, Netflix made headlines with the new series, prohibited for minors, entitled Dahmer. A chilling portrait of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. In addition, Netflix recently made the choice to offer a new series named The Midnight Club. You should know that more, we approaching Halloween the more the platform accelerates on content that makes you shiver. And this series literally takes your breath away. This novelty, straight out of the mind of Mike Flanagan, is an adaptation of the novel by Christopher Pike. And the story does not fail to attract many viewers on Netflix!

The pitch remains very simple but effective. You should know that Netflix describes the series as follows: “ In a hospice for end-of-life teenagers, the members of an exclusive club conclude a chilling pact: the first to die must send a sign from beyond. “. After many successful horror series, such as The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor or midnight sermons. As a result, the director wanted to give everything in this new project. Released on October 7, 2022 on Netflix, you should know that this project has already been entitled to a price. Indeed, the series, thanks to one of its creepy aspects, managed to enter the record books! A mad success which will undoubtedly make it possible to advertise the project of Mike Flanagan.

A record broken by this Netflix series

Now available on Netflix, the new series titled The Midnight Club managed to record a record as useless as it is impressive! Indeed, he won the series record with most jump scares in a single episode. It would seem that the first episode of The Midnight Club has no less than 21 jump scare in a single scene. As a reminder, a jump scare constitutes a ” abrupt change embedded in an image, video or application to brutally scare the viewer or user “. In this scene, one of the sick teenagers, Natsuki, tell a scary story. According to him, Ren sees figures smiling at him from house windows. This record mainly surprises director Mike Flanagan.

The first surprised by this record remains the director and creator of the series. Especially sincehe has already confessed in the past that he hates jump scares ! He then made statements about the series which is on Netflix. ” Throughout my career, I completely c*er on this concept (…) Now, I have my name in the book of records for that, which means that the next time someone wants to impose one on me , I could say: ‘You know, I hold the record so there, we don’t need it! “. Also, regarding the record-breaking scene, Mike Flanagan continues with a laugh. ” I thought: ‘We’re going to do these jump scares all at the same time like that, it makes them insignificant for the rest of the series’ (…) But it didn’t happen, they still wanted more! “. A impressive record for the series available on Netflix!

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Netflix: this series breaks a totally improbable world record on the platform!

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