NBA – “This is what LeBron wants to do for his last career game”

If he’s not there yet, LeBron James is getting ever closer to the end. One of his former teammates has therefore indulged in a very particular game: imagining the last career match of the Chosen One. As much to tell you that it is a huge show which is preparing according to him!

He still hopes to win a fifth career ring, but LeBron James missed a great opportunity in 2021-22, not even reaching the playoffs with the Lakers. The shooting window is closing more and more for the winger, who is already over 37 years old. The physical fatigue he has shown for a year is not reassuring, and one can sincerely wonder what his last years in the NBA will look like.

Obviously, the Californian franchise intends to make him stay at home until the end, and would have already a plan in mind to convince him to retire to the City of Angels. During a recent interview, however, Kevin Love addressed a subject that is particularly related to it: the King’s farewell match. This one will inevitably attract a lot of attention, like that of Michael Jordan in 2003. However, the interior of the Cavs and ex-teammate of Bron thinks he knows what we are going to witness:

Kevin Love: “LeBron wants to score 60 points in his last game”

Obviously I know he wants to have an output like Kobe Bryant where he scores 60 points and has a berserk game, which he probably will. Where and with which team will this take place? Who can know?

Remember that for his last meeting on the floors of the big league, the Mamba had put on a rather unique show, becoming the first all-time player to put on his sixties for his farewell. And if it took him 50 shots to achieve this against the Jazz, the performance did not fail to make an impression.

Knowing the Chosen One, it is easy to imagine that he would like to accomplish something similar. He’s already overtaken Vino in all-time scoring, so why not post 60 for his final game? However, as K-Love indicates, it will not necessarily be with the Purples and Golds. Like everyone else, the 2016 champion remains in the dark about the future of the quadruple MVP and therefore remains vague on the subject.

However, that doesn’t stop him from having a preference, when it comes to LBJ’s latest destination. Unsurprisingly, it would be a return to the fold, in particular in order to be entitled to the greatest honors in the franchise which saw him make his debut:

Retiring as a member of the Cavs, with the city, nearby Akron, and all of Ohio State that’s been behind him all these years… There’s going to be his statue, and I’ll be there on the day where it will happen.

Kevin Love already has a pretty good idea of ​​what LeBron James’ final career game will look like, and it promises to be one hell of a show. It remains to be seen under the colors of which franchise the future Hall of Famer will offer it to us.

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NBA – “This is what LeBron wants to do for his last career game”

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