NBA – The big challenge launched to Anthony Davis by the coach of the Lakers!

Disappointing this year, Anthony Davis will be expected at the turn from next October. This also concerns his new coach, who recently addressed a real challenge to The Brow. This is precisely its biggest weak point…

Officially become the new coach of the Lakers, Darvin Ham has his work cut out for him. The 2004 champion with the Pistons must rebuild a team that was the laughing stock of the league in 2021-22, a status befitting such a historic franchise. Suddenly, for his first press conference as main tactician, the former player did not hesitate to go frank with in particular a big message to Russell Westbrook. The tone is set !

If all eyes are on the Brodie after his failed debut campaign in the City of Angels, another Crimson and Gold star will be watched closely: Anthony Davis. The Californian interior will have things to prove next year, he who still missed half of the season because of physical glitches. And precisely, his coach has publicly expressed that he wants this to stop, because he intends to make The Brow the keystone of his squad’s defensive lock:

Health, big project for Anthony Davis

He is the key to our success. We’ve all seen what can happen when he’s healthy and playing at a high level. We saw what he could do in the Orlando bubble. His technical palette, his size, his versatility, his investment in defense are essential. He is able to remain tenacious and constantly put in great effort in this area. It will be essential for us.

It will be the foundation of what we want to install, it will be the centerpiece of our defense. James always gonna be LeBron, same for Russell Westbrook, but we need consistency from Anthony Davis. We need him to be healthy, in good spirits and as consistent as possible to get back to his championship level.

AD’s state of health has always been a big problem, the player regularly squatting the infirmary since his debut in the NBA. He had also tried to remedy this last summer by gaining muscle, but he ultimately only played 40 games. Results, he underwent a new physical transformation since the elimination of LA. Could he have found the miracle solution? Only the course of the 2022-23 season will tell us.

Anthony Davis must prove that he can stand on his own two legs, so as not to continue sinking. The good news is that his new coach seems to believe in him, to the point of wanting to make him the centerpiece of his defense.

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NBA – The big challenge launched to Anthony Davis by the coach of the Lakers!

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