NBA – Rivalry with Luka Doncic? A key member of the Clippers answers cash!

The Clippers are Luka Doncic’s sworn enemies, given their shared background. Some also whispered that he would maintain a real rivalry with a player from the City of Angels… Asked about it, the person clearly took a stand.

He may have failed against the Warriors in the conference final, this year, it is clearly not with the Dubs that Luka Doncic maintains the most tense relations. Truth be told, that role falls more to another California team, namely the Clippers. The latter have each time eliminated the Mavericks in the first round, in 2020 and 2021, while reserving an extremely muscular treatment for the Slovenian superstar.

We can notably cite his altercations with Marcus Morris, but the interior is not the only one with which El Matador has regularly taken cabbage for some time. Terance Mann is thus in the same situation, in particular after having trash-talked the n ° 77 in the playoffs in 2020-21. Last February, they did it again with an extremely stormy sequence, forcing their respective teammates to have to separate them:

On the face of it, Doncic and Mann really aren’t the best of friends and some fans are already talking about a budding rivalry between them, just as was the case between Halleluka and Devin Booker during the post-season second round a while ago. some months. However, the Clipper doesn’t quite agree with that, as he recently explained to Brandon Robinson. According to him, everything happens simply in the spirit of competition, nothing more:

Terance Mann: ‘Doncic and I are not rivals’

I wouldn’t say we are rivals. It’s all about the field, fun and games. I think we make each other better. We fight and we put ourselves in each other’s shoes, and that’s part of the game.

That is said, now remains to prove it on the floors. In the event of a new scuffle between them in 2022-23 (which is more than possible), it may be hard to believe that there is only fair play between the two men.

Luka Doncic certainly has a big rivalry with the Clippers, given their many playoff clashes. On the other hand, this is not particularly the case with Terance Mann. It must be said that without disrespecting the Californian, they do not evolve in the same category.

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NBA – Rivalry with Luka Doncic? A key member of the Clippers answers cash!

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