NBA – “LeBron was outraged by Kyrie’s immaturity”

Almost promised to join the Lakers for a few hours, Kyrie Irving should finally continue his journey to the Nets. A decision that should not please LeBron James, and even less given the recent revelations delivered about his opinion of Uncle Drew!

Hope swelled stratospherically in a matter of hours, and faded even faster. The Kyrie Irving file will have put a strain on the nerves of Lakers fans, who have long believed in the arrival of the star leader in Los Angeles. I have to say that the various speeches of US insiders all tended towards this outcomethis Monday, before the final decision is made by the principal concerned.

Against all odds, Irving has decided to honor his player option for next season, which he should therefore start in Brooklyn. The Angelinos can however consider having tried everything to attract him to the City of Angels, with in particular a sign-and-trade offer refused by the Nets. Uncle Drew should therefore not join his former leader at the Cavaliers, with whom his relationship could suffer.

Kyrie Irving deemed immature by LeBron James?

The rumor that sent Kyrie to the Lakers was surprising, knowing that it involved a meeting with LeBron James. However, their common adventure in Cleveland had ended badly enough, Irving choosing to come out of the shadow of the King to fly on his own. Alex Schiffer, Sam Amick and Joe Vardon of The Athletic have also returned to this episode in recent hours, which could have had a direct impact on the recent soap opera:

As far as LeBron and the Lakers go, when all these rumors started popping up, Irving apologized to James, both privately and publicly, for his nauseous attitude towards him when they were playing together in Cleveland. There was a lot of resentment in Kyrie and his camp towards LeBron, and James was outraged by Irving’s immaturity. But James has always respected Kyrie’s game and knows how good they are when teamed up.

Struck by the lack of wisdom and professionalism of Kyrie Irving, LeBron should therefore not have regretted his departure from the Cavs 5 years ago. The fact that he decides to snub the possibility of finding him in Los Angeles should therefore not have surprised him that much. On the other hand, this choice could once again poison their relationship, which had gradually begun to improve in recent months.

Just a few weeks ago, Kyrie was sending for example a message filled with admiration to his former partner, which showed his new state of mind against him. This one had moreover given a little more credit to the rumor reuniting them in LA It must however be believed that his respect for LBJ was not great enough to make a cross on 30 million dollars next year!

Certainly aware of the sporting contribution that the arrival of Kyrie Irving at the Lakers would have constituted, LeBron James could nevertheless fear the immaturity of his ex-leader. He no longer has to fear her, since Kaï seems to have left to stay in Brooklyn!

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NBA – “LeBron was outraged by Kyrie’s immaturity”

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