NBA – LeBron: “If I saw my mother in this situation, I would kill her”

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Compared to Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, LeBron James is often described as “soft” by his detractors… But this image could quickly change, since the King would also be ready to do anything to win a match, including attacking his mother.

When we think of the greatest competitors of all time, we obviously think of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, two men for whom defeat was unacceptable, even in training. And it was out of the question for them to flee in difficulty, they were ready to do anything to improve and regain the heights. 10 years separated the first and the last title of the Mamba, proof of a great resilience.

And this is moreover one of the main criticisms among all the detractors of LeBron James : it wouldn’t be killer enough. Unable to clinch the title in his first stint in Cleveland, the King flew to Miami with two Hall of Famers, before returning when the Cavaliers were in winning position. Unlike his two eldest, he is not necessarily ready to go through all the hardships to find the peaks.

LeBron ready to dunk on his mother!

Despite what some may say, LeBron still has a real competitive spirit and he proves it quite regularly with striking statements. The proof, in the last edition of his show “The Shop”, he explained in what context he would be able to destroy his mother on an NBA floor. Obviously he doesn’t need too much either…

If my mom plays for the Clippers and she’s in the racket, she gets dunked on it! And I hope she would be in mode: “You know what my son, you won on this one, but I’m going to get revenge!” “. I hope !

LeBron James may love his mother with all his heart, but he would be able to dunk her if she was wearing a Clippers jersey, proof that he would do anything to win the victory. But this statement is also a good way to prove his attachment to the Purple and Gold jersey, even though he has not been in the franchise for ages.

A few days after his viral release on the Celtics, the historic rival and the other most successful franchise in the history of the league, the King came to put on a layer by tackling this time the “little brother” of the City of Angels. A good way to remind everyone that he loves his team and that he deserves a place with all the other great legends who have played in these colors.

For the past few weeks, LeBron James has been doing everything to prove that he is a real Laker and that he deserved a place with all the great legends who have mainly shone in Los Angeles. It’s up to the fans to decide if he’s done enough to be on par with Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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NBA – LeBron: “If I saw my mother in this situation, I would kill her”

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