Moselle. Concert of Saint-Nicolas in songs and Christmas story in pictures in Saint-Avold

The Christmas concert in Dourd’hal has existed for a long time. Since 2017, it has been embellished with an illustrated tale straight out of your imagination. How do you work?

Laurent PETITJEAN, member of the Sports and Leisure Association of Dourd’hal, ASLD “I make it a point of honor to renew myself every year. So, almost a year in advance, I think about the period in which my story will take place and the plot, with two recurring characters, Lucie and Nicolas. Then, I immerse myself in the books and the history of Dourd’hal or at least approach it because the last archives that can be found date from 1254. Finally, the idea came to me to imagine and write a story that takes place just before the year one thousand. The tale is called “Dourdalleym, December 25, 999”. Dourdalleym for Dourd’hal, the oldest name I could find in the archives! Without revealing everything, it is the story of the inhabitants of the village who now have a church and no longer have to travel to Longeville through the forest to attend religious services. On Christmas day, the parishioners wait for the canon. Will he come despite the snowstorm? Will he escape the hungry wolves? In my story, I also stick to current events and slip in a little humor. »

You write but also create the illustrations projected on the big screen. This year, exit the colored pencils and brushes in favor of a software…

“Yes, until now, I spent my time looking for the right pencil, the right color to do my drawings. This year, I have a free graphic application where I draw and color on the screen of my digital tablet with a single stylus. Intellectually, it’s interesting! Thus, I was able to imagine for the Christmas tale 63 slides for the slideshow, made of decorations, characters, etc. »

An illustrated tale is good, but there won’t be just that on Sunday December 4 at the church in Dourd’hal…

“As usual, the ASLD’s Chœur à cœur choir, under the direction of Louis Pister and Jean-Pierre Rusche, will offer a Saint-Nicolas concert – due to the date of December 4 – while performing French and German carols in the spirit of Christmas. In particular, we can hear Song of the Nativity, Hymn to the Night, My Old Joseph, O Tannenbaum, Leise rieselt der Schnee, The Angels in our Countryside , etc. We will insert four series of songs with three series of tales. At the end, we will serve homemade mulled wine to all spectators. This meeting will mark the end of a festive weekend in Dourd’hal since the day before, Saturday December 3, Saint Nicolas and the Fouettard father will make their rounds from house to house to offer sweets to the children who will have previously deposited a drawing and a short note with surname, first name, address in the mailbox attached to the wall of the church. They have until November 30 to do so. »

Saint-Nicolas concert and illustrated Christmas story, Sunday 4 December at 3 p.m. in the church of Dourd’hal. Free admission. Basket at discretion.

We would like to say thanks to the writer of this write-up for this incredible material

Moselle. Concert of Saint-Nicolas in songs and Christmas story in pictures in Saint-Avold

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