More beautiful life: the program instead of the series is a flop!

A hard blow for France 3. The program that succeeded Plus belle la vie did not meet with great success on the channel.

It’s official… “Plus belle la vie” has bowed out. Indeed, the flagship series of France is indeed over and a new program has taken over on France 3. Bad luck, the latter is not unanimous among viewers. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

End clap for Plus belle la vie

Last February, our colleagues from Figaro announced very sad news. The latter explained that “More beautiful life” was about to say goodbye to the small screen. A shock for the fans. But while those kept hope for the future of the series, the production ended up speaking up.

The sentence then fell. And last November 18 marked the end of a great adventure for the actors of the show. Dejected by the stoppage of the soap opera, the actors were also devastated. Laurent Kerusoré, alias Thomas Marci in “Plus belle la vie”, was particularly touched.

Angry, he had not failed to revolt during an interview for Gala. “I think it’s going to be complicated, but I expect it… This stop is painfulbecause in 18 years, my life has been built around the series“, he first explained before attacking the management.

He lamented in particular that Delphine Ernotte did not ” not even moved to tell us the bad news, not even a letter”.

“She sent one of her right arms. We were fired by an enarque who, in two years, will work in a bank or at Orange… All the actors and technicians are, despite everything, in a positive spirit, without any hatred, but I really would not like to be in the place of the leaders of France Télévisions » .

And to conclude: It happened in the worst possible way… We learned it at the same time as the viewers”. MCE TV tells you more about “Plus belle la vie”!

A flop for the new program

Anyway and despite the protests, “Plus belle la vie” is no longer part of the daily life of the French. Instead, viewers can watch a cooking show with Mory Sacko.

A show called “Open Kitchen”. But while France 3 thought the succession was assured, it seems to be a real flop.

A flop that did not fail to react to fans of “Plus belle la vie” who rejoiced on social networks. “And here’s the score we’ve all been waiting for!” Congratulations France Televisions! »

“We applaud you! They just shot the time slot. The share was around 11% with Plus belle la vie last week. I hope that on the side of the actors and the production, we are having a good time this morning!“, wrote a user.

And another to add: “What joy, not even a million”. But that’s not all ! Comments of the kind were numerous. “I still find that these 850,000 people are too many. I hope for a flop for this box for a very very long time”.

Or : “Delphine Ernotte, you killed Plus belle la vie, place for viewers to kill this box”, could we read. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that the fans of “Plus belle la vie” are thrilled with the flop of the new program!

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More beautiful life: the program instead of the series is a flop!

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