Miss Ile-de-France 2023: This Saturday, Claudia Cunha represents Seine-et-Marne in Dammarie-Les-Lys!

Miss Seine-et-Marne is and will remain… Claudia Cunha! Elected last May Claye Souillyour Miss Seine-et-Marne automatically qualified for the election of Miss Ile-de-France. Native Savigny-le-Templethe 21-year-old young woman, freshly graduated from a BTS in Managementis preparing to represent our department in the election of Miss Ile-de-France. This Saturday, October 22, 2022, our great favorite is playing at home, since the election will be sold out at Pierre Bachelet Space of Dammarie-Les-Lys. Seine-et-Marnais, Seine-et-Marnaises… Let’s support Claudia by voting!

Miss Seine-et-Marne changed my life. I’m so grateful, I’m living a little girl’s dream. »

Four years later… Seine-et-Marne has found its representative of choice in Claudia Cunha on the stage of Ile-de-France. Of Portuguese origin, the young woman succeeded Laura Mordomo to become the first Miss Seine-et-Marne at all new Departmental Committee. After facing twelve women in Seine-et-Marne, Claudia must now be measured against sixteen candidates, including three elected in departmental and several young women accustomed to competitions. His preparation, his state of mind and his support… A few days before the election Miss Ile-de-Francewe have found Claudiaat home, at Savigny-le-Temple.

Miss Seine-et-Marne, a preparatory election. Like every elected Miss, Claudia Cunha transformed into a young woman over the visits and encounters. ” When we meet little girls who take us as a modelwe must speak correctly or grow up, we are no longer alone. It is a woman who will represent the Region, it is not a girl. From the Festival de la Terre to the Congress of Mayors, our Miss Seine-et-Marne has criss-crossed our department to better represent us. ” I like human contact, I like to meet them and put stars in their eyesthat’s what I prefer to do as Miss Seine-et-Marne. I met farmers so, I have a lot learned on agriculture in Seine-et-Marnethe most rural Department of Ile-de-France. » Accompanied by its Committee, Claudia was enriched by the advice of the seine-et-marnais and those close to it.

Even if I win Ile-de-France, I will continue to represent Seine-et-Marne. »

How is she preparing for the election? Miss Seine-et-Marne, I took her less seriously, it was all new to me. I didn’t prepare for this election… Today, I’m ready, I know what I have to do. And, I’m getting ready. After having won the scarf and the crown of Seine-et-Marne, Claudia quickly identified his faults to improve them with the help of teachers or relatives. ” Today, I work on my posture, my eloquence and my catwalk (walking in heels). I take eloquence and catwalk lessons, I have my speech read around me to refine it. When I look at the images of Seine-et-Marne, I wonder how I managed to win walking like this. To improve his cowboy gait, it is under the wise advice of her mother that Claudia rehearses in her room before his most impartial judge, his dog.

I hope that I will not disappoint anyone and that you will have lots of stars in your eyes. »

Alongside our Miss Seine-et-Marne, her greatest supporters work tirelessly. Ugo Collonge, Sylvain Collonge and Annabelle Mellot… From writing the speech to his catwalk lessons, the Departmental Committee proudly accompanies its first Miss at each stage. ” I’m lucky they’re behind me. We feel that they do it for fun, it feels, I feel like part of their family. I hope that I am a very good Miss in their eyes and that it makes them want to continue for next year. Whatever happens, they will be proud of me if i use the cards they gave me. » The charm of Claudia ? His naturalness and his communicative smile.

I put all the chances on my side to disappoint anyone. »

The theme of the Miss Ile-de-France election: Diane in Paris. Around three tableaux and a few surprises, the candidates will set off on the stage of space Pierre Bachelet of Dammarie-Les-Lys. Under the impulsion of Laura MattioliDelegate of the Regional Committee, the election is inspired by the Netflix series, Emily in Paris. ” You’ll see the bobo side (bourgeois-bohemian) Parisall facets of the capital: the cabaretthe sexy side and romantic. For those who liked the Emily in Paris series, you will appreciate the winks. Between the choreographies and the thematic music, the show is millimeter in the image of the election miss France. ” There, the show is longer, the choreographies are on a level above, we have magnificent tailor-made outfits… Thank you to our creators and our partners ! “As an anecdote, Claudia is 1m70 tall. Being the smallest of her promotion, our Miss must wear 12 centimeter heels to put all the chances on his side.

If I get the chance to wear this crown, I’ll make sure the Committee stays dangerous. »

Miss Ile-de-France, a particularly successful Regional Committee. Lison Di Martino, Lara Lourenco Where Diane Leyre… At national scale, Miss Ile-de-France are regularly recognized on the set of miss France. ” All the other Regional Committees have their eyes fixed on us : Who will succeed Diane Leyre? Will it be a strong competitor? Inevitably, it is an additional pressure. We don’t want to disappoint we don’t want to be less scary than in previous years. Between the sixteen candidates and the Committee, the atmosphere is good. ” The Committee is benevolent, he takes the time to talk with each candidate, find out if some do not feel good about the adventure. The Committee is incredible but there is more pressure, because there is more at stake. Claudia’s goal? Leave with a scarf.

The universe of the Misses? A family tradition among Cunha.I was watching Miss France on television, I’ve always loved this world: parades, rhinestones and sequins. “As a candidate, Claudia advocates family values ​​transmitted by her parents that she wishes to pass on to Ile-de-France residents. ” Self-confidence is very important. I don’t want to put filters on my social networks, I don’t want to make girls believe that a body is without cellulite or without stretch marks… I’m at the gym every day but, that doesn’t mean that my body is perfect, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have pimples. We are all the same ! “Loyalty, respect and solidarity… Claudia is a Miss who upsets taboos and advocates self-confidence.

We are all different and perfect in our own way ! »

Can we hope for a scarf? Miss Ile-de-France, first runner-up or second runner-up… Our Miss Seine-et-Marne has one goal: to promote our department. ” I’m hoping for a scarf, that’s for sure. After, the scarf with crown supplement, it would make those around me ecstatic. The scarf is in my sights, I want to take Seine-et-Marne far and make her proud. To encourage and support her as it should be, Claudia Cunha can count on unwavering support candidates from his Seine-et-Marnaise promotion. ” The candidates, I always see them. They have placard days, I’m not invited, because they don’t want me to see what they prepare for me. “One thing is certain, the eleven young women will be at his side until the end of his adventure.

I hope that the seine-et-marnais will be numerous, I hope that I will make you proud. “So you will have understood, this Saturday, October 22, 2022, if you go to the election of Miss Ile-de-France 2023, you will have to vote for Claudia! Our candidate will wear number five on the stage of Pierre Bachelet Space of Dammarie-Les-Lys. I receive lots of messages from people who have already taken their places to support me, it touches me a lot. » Don’t hesitate to follow Claudia right here, you can vote remotely to support her.

Representing Seine-et-Marne in Ile-de-France is a source of pride for me. Unsurprisingly, Claudia is our big favourite! Our Claudia in Seine-et-Marne is playing at home… So, we believe it, she will bring home the crown!

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Miss Ile-de-France 2023: This Saturday, Claudia Cunha represents Seine-et-Marne in Dammarie-Les-Lys!

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