Micheline Boudet: Pascal Praud announces live the death of the actress at the age of 96

This Wednesday, July 6, Pascal Praud learned live in L’heure des pros, the disappearance of Micheline Boudet, grande dame of French theater.

She was 96 years old. Micheline Boudet died on Wednesday July 6. This great lady of French theater, member of the Comédie Française, breathed her last. His daughter wanted to pay him a vibrant tributereferring to one of his most emblematic characters from Les Fourberies de Scapin by Molière: “My Zerbinette. May your laughter up there delight the angels, may the journey be sweet”. But viewers learned of his death live, during the broadcast Time for the prospresented by Pascal Praud on CNews.

Indeed, around 9:00 p.m., the journalist launched: “I received at a certain point, that’s why I was distracted at the end of the Minute Info, I received a text message from Jean-Noël Mirande, a Culture journalist, who learned of the death of Micheline Boudet.. The opportunity for the presenter to pay him a vibrant tribute : “Micheline Boudet embodied the tradition, the great tradition of French Comedy. And you know how sensitive we are to this tradition here”.

Pascal Praud pays tribute to Micheline Boudet

Pascal Praud then looks back on his life as an artist: “Patrick Bruel had his first steps in the theater with her (…) She is unforgettable (…) So I know that maybe her name does not say much to the young generation. But she was an actress magnificent. 96 years old. She embodies a golden age of the French Comedy“. A nice statement from Pascal Praud who was very moved to pay tribute to this great actress, who will have marked the spirits with your talent. The Comédie Française is in mourning today, just like its relatives.

Micheline Boudet: Pascal Praud announces live the death of the actress at the age of 96

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