Marvel: what will become of Thor without Chris Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth announced that he wanted to put his acting career on hold. In this case, what will become of the Thor of Marvel ?

It is quite recently that Chris Hemsworth has said he is stepping away from acting. A decision that raises questions about the future of his Thor character thathe had been performing in the MCU since 2011 through five films avengersas well as four solo films, the last of which is ridicule Thor: Love and Thunder. Like fellow Marvel stalwarts Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, and Scarlett Johansson, we hope Chris Hemsworth can give an epic conclusion to a superhero who has carried his career well.

So, drawing from the comics side, there are several possibilities that emerge as to what the MCU could to offer as destiny to Thor, and especially the heir he will leave to take his place of major Asgardian from the Marvel movies.

“Who to take my place?!”

God of War Thunder

In the event that Chris Hemsworth decides to take up the hammer again for one last film, it’s around a story that has everything of a great mythological gesture that we thought. Because for a god-warrior so keen on smashing skulls with a DIY tool, his last fight must be epic. the arch Fear Itself written by Matt Fraction (author of the comics acclaimed by critics and the public Hawkeyewhich inspired the series of the same name) and illustrated by Stuart Immonen from 2011 to 2012 brings together everything you need for the end of the norse god in cinema.

During this comic crossover, the Earth becomes one big mess (again) when The Serpent, the malevolent brother of Odin, brings to our planet hammers intended to train his “knights of the Apocalypse”. His guard consists of the Hulk, the Thing, Attuma (an Atlantean – Talokan in the MCU – who is in Black Panther 2), Titania (who breaks her teeth in she hulk), the Absorbing Man, the Gray Gargoyle and the Scourge. The battle is all but lost for the Avengers and other heroes to the point where evacuating Earth is being considered by Captain America. On top of that, Odin would rather eradicate the human world than let his brother take over.

marvel: pictureThe annoying uncle

Thor will oppose his father and choose to save the Earth. However, the Serpent confesses to the god of thunder that he is the rightful All-Father, a place that Odin usurped. Despite this admission, Thor does not join the cause of his uncle who will take the form of a colossal dragon to kill him. After a fight worthy of a Wagner opera, the Serpent is defeated, taking with him the god-Avengers. Thus, the prophecy which predicted that Thor would be extinguished by killing a serpent is fulfilled.

This comic book arc has it alla god of war superheroic and cinematic with an endangered Earth, Avengers cameos, but above all Asgard and Thor’s pasts stirred to reveal more dark secrets. After the existence of a sister, Hela, in Thor: Ragnarok the secret imprisonment of Odin’s brother, legitimate heir to the throne, would be an opportunity to prolong the mythology of the character. Finally, a heroic death seems to be the most perfect destiny for the deity, which would then give way to succession.

marvel: pictureEven Kratos is impressed

thor 2.0

If Thor joins Valhalla, he will need a replacement. With the conclusion of Thor: Love and Thunder where the god learned to young Love, daughter of Gorr, how to hit well with a hammer without dislocating the shoulder, we can assume that she will be his successor in the MCU. However, the character does not exist in the comics, since Gorr’s children never had long happy lives. What will Marvel do with it? Will she stay in the entourage of the Avengers until becoming his heiress like many characters replaced by prepubescent equivalents? Or will she be kindly forgotten by history ? Hard to say.

The other highly conceivable character to take over Thor’s winged helmet is Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). She was already the new carrier of Mjolnir in Thor: Love and Thunder, like in the comics, before she died. It’s rarely a definitive state for superheroes in the pages of comics, but in the movies it depends on whether their performers sign a new contract. Is Natalie Portman Ready to Commit to the Marvel Franchise for a few years?

Thor: Love and Thunder: photo, Natalie PortmanAre we leaving for a trilogy?

If yes, Jane Foster could return from Valhalla (yes, she dies at the end of Thor 4), as a Valkyrie equipped with Undrjarn, an artifact capable of taking the form of multiple weapons, such as in the comics. The title would however be shared between two women, since there is always the Valkyrie of Tessa Thompson, also queen of New Asgard. One could lead the Asgardians, while the other would go on an adventure in a fair division of responsibilities.

However, we are leaning more towards another heroine to take the blond god’s place as a leading Asgardian: Angela, the hidden sister of Thor and Loki (one more). This warrior formed by the Angels has nothing of a saint. Barbarian, arrogant and the most dangerous of Angels – who are the best warriors of the Ten Kingdoms –, Angela has the spirit of Thor from the first films, namely noble and haughty as a god in the midst of mortals. In the comics, she is for a time the queen of Hel, a throne left vacant in the MCU after the death of Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Angela could have taken that place backstage and waited to reveal herself to the world.

marvel: pictureThe outfit deserves an overhaul though

On many points, Angela would make an excellent replacement for Thor since she looks a lot like him in her early days, while having her own universe, codes and adventures. With that, she has a naughty character that would give new energy to an MCU lacking brute force (and the aggressive spirit that goes with it) with too nice Miss Marvel, She-Hulk, Kate Bishop, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, etc..

Chris Hemsworth’s statement has cast a veil of doubt over Thor’s future, which we can hope for an ultimate great show to say goodbye to the character. Because, if we theorize on what the concluding adventure of the Nordic god could be made of, or on who will replace him as an Asgardian warrior deity in the Marvel universe in cinema, we are sure of one thing: Thor: Love and Thunder should NOT be the last film about the character.

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Marvel: what will become of Thor without Chris Hemsworth?

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