Märtha Louise of Norway could lose her princess title

By marrying her fiancé Shaman Durek, the daughter of King Harald V, who renounced her predicate of royal highness in 2002, could well lose what still remains of her royal status…

Will love make her give up her princess status? As Denmark’s royal family faces a crisis after Queen Margrethe II decided to strip four of her grandchildren of their princely titles, Märtha Louise of Norway may well have to give up hers to marry Durek Verrett, the man who shares his life.

She renounces her predicate of Royal Highness

Until 1990, the Salic law in force in Norway denied him any right to the throne. The rule of primogeniture places her today after her brother Haakon and his two children, Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus. Nevertheless, Märtha Louise chose side paths very early on. After earning a degree in physiotherapy – a profession she never practiced – she founded an entertainment company based on traditional tales and folk songs.

In order to “achieve herself professionally”, she therefore renounced, as of February 1, 2002, her predicate of Royal Highness and any civil list, retaining however her title of princess, her inheritance rank, and continuing to occasionally assume a few official charges. If it is sometimes called “Highness” abroad, this name has no legal value in Norway.

Märtha-Louise is committed to the path of alternative medicine. She studies physiotherapy and various methods of holistic healing. On August 16, 2007, she created the Astarte Education center in Oslo – better known as Engleskolen, “the School of Angels”. She claims to be clairvoyant, communicating with animals and with “creatures of light, which gives her a sense of a strong presence and strong, loving support.” Faced with a deluge of criticism from scientists and even theologians, the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende calls on him to give up his official titles.

The much maligned Shaman Durek…

His engagement to Durek Verrett in May 2019, self-proclaimed “6th generation shaman, son of a mother of Caribbean Norwegian descent, and a Haitian father. Born in the lines of Haitian voodoo and Norwegian indigenous medicine”. Briefly a model and television host, Durek quickly prospered in the circles of celebrities seduced by the new-age. The guru of the stars alternately claims to be a reincarnated Egyptian pharaoh, whom he resurrected at the age of 27, or that he is a “reptilian” holding “the energies of the ancient spirits of the old world” ! The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet denounces “the wanderings of a madman”, while Verdens Gang protests against this “non-sense”. Shaman Durek decreed that 5G technology was in the hands of “those who enslave the planet”, and in July 2022 marketed a medallion supposed to cure Covid-19… Märtha-Louise organizes seminars with him entitled “The Princess and the shaman”.

From then on, the question took on the dimensions of a state affair in Norway, especially with regard to the matrimonial projects of the king’s daughter. Thus, former Prime Minister Erna Solberg defined Verrett’s ideas as “something we fight as conspiracy theories”. Less diplomatically, Health Secretary Ole Henrik Krat Bjørkholt called Durek Verrett an “unscrupulous and dangerous charlatan” who engages in fraud. The person concerned may try to use the argument of “racism”, say he is misunderstood, comparing himself to “geniuses like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or the Wright brothers”, his actions and his words are unanimously condemned. Thus, the former minister Abid Raja, of Pakistani origin, accuses her of “playing the race card” to divert attention from criticism of her conspiracy theories and her “dangerous” opinions, and the actress Jonna Stome, of African-American descent, said Norwegians react negatively to Verrett not because of his skin color, but because “he’s a crook who says horrible things”.

Princess of Norway or wife of a shaman

Under fire from critics, will Märtha Louise be forced to abandon her title of princess to marry her shaman? The royal palace has not yet commented on its future status. In August 2022, King Harald spoke for the first time about his future son-in-law, trying to calm the controversy. “We’re getting to know each other, and we’ll talk to each other, like we do in a family. So it’s going to work out. But I’m not promising it will be resolved tomorrow. It’s a culture shock.” A slow process for an entire kingdom, but also and above all, for a family…

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Märtha Louise of Norway could lose her princess title

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