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In June 2022, the Norwegian monarchy experienced an unprecedented situation: the engagement of Princess Märtha Louise with Durek Verrett, an American shaman. But who really is this mysterious spiritual guide? Here are 5 things to know about the man who made the fifty-year-old’s head spin.

Their relationship challenged more than one in 2019. Märtha Louise from Norway then revealed her love for Durek Verrett, a california shaman met in 2018 in Los Angeles. Since then, this atypical couple has again shaken up the codes by announcing their engagement on June 7, 2022. But who is this spiritual guide who accept his bisexuality and managed to find a place in the Norwegian royal family? Gala.fr reveals 5 things to know about this mysterious character.

At 47, the American is far from unknown in his native country. He is even the life coach of some stars such as the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, at the head of Goop, a very lucrative business around personal development. In Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the Worldpublished at the end of 2019, Durek Verrett details his ability to commune with spirits and evokes his encounter with today’s pretty blonde 50 years old. The sessions given by the “healer” Hollywood, which can range from shamanic readings to energy regeneration, through the release of toxins and the opening of synapses, cost $2,000.

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Durek and Märtha Louise, already in love in another life

Partially Norwegian, Durek Verrett studied shamanism with the Lakota and Cherokee tribes, an indigenous people of North America, and through Haitian, Nigerian and Hawaiian traditions. And according to the expert, he would not be the only one to hold “powers”his fiancée Märtha would also have it. “I see things but she sees the blind spot of what I see. When I see something in someone, she steps in and completes the picture”he revealed on Instagram.

Third thing to know about Märtha Louise’s future husband: his mother supposedly predicted that he would marry a Norwegian princess when he was 14 years old. So much so that when they meet, their connection seems obvious. He is even convinced that they already loved each other in Egypt, in antiquity. “I have memories of both of us. She was my queen, I was her pharaoh”he confided to People.

In 2018, while the princess separated from her husband, Ari Behntwo years before, his friend would have advised him to consult the famous shaman. Sensitive to spirituality, Märtha Louise had surprised the Norwegians by opening an alternative therapy center, “The School of Angels”, in 2007, now closed. His meeting with Durek therefore only confirmed his attraction to this discipline, which was however widely decried. To make his request, the one who is also a pilates teacher explained to Town and Country that he had to think about “five different ways” to ask the famous questionin order to “bypass psychic abilities” by Märtha Louise. “We both have spiritual powers. If I have a single thought, she receives it immediately”he specified.

Durek’s embarrassing revelations about his sex life with the princess

Important to know: the shaman does not have his tongue in his pocket. During a live Instagram on June 10, Durek has lamented the reaction of the public who “don’t want not a black man in a european royal family because it never happened”. Reactions that he had tried to explain: “If a prince can marry a woman of color, the fact that Märtha Louise is a woman means that the choice of her partner is more scrutinized”he had pointed out, bitter.

In 2019, the spiritual guide was also ordered to be “more discreet” than during his participation in a podcast by Dave Asprey in which he explained: “Sometimes I make love three to four times a day and my girlfriend always asks me ‘Did you cum?’ So I say, ‘No, but I’ll give you as many orgasms as you want. We can last a few hours if you want, I don’t care, but I won’t cum.’” More than embarrassing revelations for the Norwegian kronebut which did not prevent King Harald V to give his blessing to the couple of his eldest daughter, who should officially unite in the coming months.

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Märtha Louise from Norway: 5 things to know about her fiancé, the confusing Shaman Durek – Gala

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