Married at first sight 6 (spoiler): marital incident for Pauline and Damien, the experts intervene on M6

This Monday, May 9, 2022, M6 is broadcasting a new, unpublished issue of season 6 of Married at first sight . For this seventh issue of the sixth edition of the dating show are Paulina and Damian. And the wedding does not go as planned for the very young couple.

A growing delay in Married at First Sight

The dinner guests are getting impatient. ” Is it normal for it to take so long? asks one of the relatives of the newlyweds in Gilbraltar. Indeed, Pascal de Sutters and Estelle Dossin followed all the adventures of Pauline and Damien and were able to reassure all the guests.

There is a first marital incident. Their car broke down (…) that actually explains this prolonged delay “, underlined the psychologist of season 6 of Married at first sight to all those present on the spot, worrying a little the parents of the newly married couple.

Pauline and Damien united in adversity on M6

On their side, Paulina and Damian don’t seem so worried. On the contrary, this sudden breakdown allowed them to weld a little more. Damien even feels calm in the face of this unexpected event, delaying dinner. ” It’s a good way to get closersays the 37-year-old automotive sales consultant.

The 33-year-old liberal nurse is, for her part, thrilled with Damien. ” With Damien, I feel serene. It’s tactile and I like that, because I do too. Can’t wait for us to go deeper, yeah insisted Pauline, in an interview. Estelle Dossin affirmed that this unforeseen event united their couple a little more by putting into perspective and facing this accident with optimism.

Pauline seduced by Damien in Married at first sight

However, the marriage had had some twists during the previous episodes of Married at first sight on the antenna of M6. In effect, Paulathe mother of Pauline had been the victim of a malaise at the entrance of the ceremony, forcing her whole family to regroup so that the latter regains her senses.

Right after, Damien’s father stood up from the audience. He interrupted the device to make a statement regarding his future daughter-in-law, Paulina. ” I welcome you into our family, not as a patch, but as a daughter “, said Didier, moved to tears, before being applauded by all the guests.

An explosive dynamic with the commercial target for Married at first sight

Monday, May 2, 2022, the adventures ofAxel and of carolina as well as preparations for Jennifer and Eddie are won over by M6 viewers. Indeed, nearly 2.70 million curious people followed the adventures of our candidates for this sixth season of Married at first sight on the Six. The show ranks third in audiences behind TF1 and fiction Handigang as well as the sequel to the unreleased murders in paradise on France 2.

If the market share for the general public remains stable over a week, M6 once again set a historic record with the commercial target. Indeed, the program produced by Studio 89 achieved 32% on women purchasing managers and 27% on those under 50 years old. Enough to allow the chain to be largely the leader on these targets.

Married at first sight 6 (spoiler): Jennifer bursts into tears, the shock affront against Eddy on M6

The continuation of the adventures of the pretenders to love is to be discovered in the next issues of Married at first sight this Monday, May 9, 2022 from 9:10 p.m. on M6.

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Married at first sight 6 (spoiler): marital incident for Pauline and Damien, the experts intervene on M6

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