Marine El Himer converted to Islam: criticized for celebrating Christmas, she responds cash to haters

Made famous by participating in princes of love with her twin sister Océane, Marine El Himer then chained the reality shows as The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World, The Apprentice Adventurers 5 Where The Fifty. But the candidate is also talking a lot about her on social networks. Recently, she surprised everyone by announcing that she had converted to Islam and obtained Moroccan nationality. She has also received a lot of criticism by publicly displaying her support for the Morocco team during the 2022 World Cup.

Very affected by the attacks, Marine El Himer did not hesitate to respond to her haters. “My name is Marine El Himer, I was born and raised in France, I studied then worked in France and I am proud and rich to have dual French and Moroccan nationality. So far I had the feeling and the joy of having won twice: by honoring my country of origin, Morocco, which marked the minds of the whole world with its incredible journey; but also by celebrating the victory of my native country, France, for its passage in the 1/2 final of the World Cup“, she wrote.

Marine El Himer still responds to her haters

This feeling of joy, of pride, was taken away from me by unfairly accusing me of turning my back on my France; worse… Asking me to choose between the two (like asking a child to choose between mom and dad)… I am extremely offended to see that there are people who think that I can turn your back on the country that gave me everything! So I will write it simply and clearly: I am proud and happy of France’s victory and deeply saddened by the elimination of Morocco (although proud and admiring of the course of Moroccans)“, added the one who shattered Giuseppa after his abandonment in The Apprentice Adventurers.

According to Aqababe, the sister of Océane El Himer would have another good reason to support the lions of the Atlas. According to the blogger, she would be in a relationship with Azzedine Ounahi, one of the stars of the team and revelation of this tournament on the Moroccan side.

The practice of my religion does not exclude my culture of origin

Unfortunately for Marine, she found herself under fire from critics again only a few days later. Indeed, many have criticized her for celebrating Christmas with her family when she is now a Muslim. Once again, the ex of Julien Guirado took his phone to respond to the attacks.

I would like to clarify a point that some seem to hide: I am Franco-Moroccan, with a Moroccan father and a French mother; I am the only one to have converted to Islam in the family do not forget it… The practice of my religion does not exclude my culture of origin, our customs and family traditions, nor my child’s soul: because yes, I like the smell of fresh fir trees, the sight of these lights which sparkle everywhere, the beauty of the decorations and end-of-year window displays, the enchantment and magic of this period when people come together, do good around them, think of their neighbors… Without forgetting the moment to unwrap gifts“, writes Marine El Himer in story.

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Marine El Himer converted to Islam: criticized for celebrating Christmas, she responds cash to haters

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