Manga releases of the week, June 16, 2022

Here’s a recap of the series launched this week, as well as one-shots and series that are ending.

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New series

Blue Heaven – new edition / Panini

The Blue Heaven, the most luxurious cruise liner in the world, begins its journey on the Pacific Ocean. All the passengers take advantage of the festivities on board, they are unaware that this moment of joy will turn into a nightmare. The crew discovered a drifting boat on the way. Having to choose between moving on or helping the possible survivors, the second choice wins. The captain’s altruism will lead to chaos, however, as it seems that one of the two survivors is far from being a simple unlucky sailor. The wolf is in the sheepfold and the hunt begins!

Diamond in the rough / Kana

1655421147 767 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

In a world where humans cannot live without ore, Akeboshi, a mineralogist, visits an underground village where he meets Kai, a boy whose left leg is petrified. After learning more about the young man’s history, Akeboshi decides to make him his disciple and travel with him.

Together, they go in search of the man who petrified the leg and the members of the family of Kai…

Heaven’s Design Team / pika

1655421147 137 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

In the beginning, God created the Earth, the sky and the elements, but now that we have to populate the world with animals, he gets tired and decides to outsource the job! In charge of this mission: the angels of the design team of Heaven who will have to bend over backwards to carry out the requests, each more unusual than the other, of their divine client. It is still necessary that these animal concepts meet the viability criteria of the angelic engineers! So will they be able to allow the unicorn to exist despite its calcium deficiency due to its horn? And is the project of a deer with a neck 10 meters long even reasonable? Welcome behind the scenes of the 6th day of Creation.

Oneira – The Nightmare Child / Kana

1655421147 875 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

On the lands of the Crown, the power-hungry church embarks on a bloody crusade against the dream monsters. In the midst of the pangs at the dawn of war, Arane Heos, the famous nightmare hunter sadly nicknamed the “Boogeyman”, will have to face the inquisitions wishing to overthrow her caste while protecting the overwhelming secrecy that surrounds her child.

Planets – Perfect Edition / Panini

1655421147 922 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

The future of humanity now lies at the heart of space. Colonizing the Moon and pushing the limits of space exploration, the inhabitants of the blue planet have never been so numerous to cross the solar system. But Yuri, Fi and Hachi’s missions are far from glorious. They must indeed collect the debris in orbit around the Earth and live a difficult daily life. This is not to the taste of the youngest of the crew who dreams of more distant horizons…

one shot

Drink to escape my loneliness / pika

1655421147 340 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

And now, by running away from reality by taking refuge in alcohol, I ended up inflicting irreversible damage on my body. Now with no escape, I will have to face my guilt and face my own feelings.

While I had decided to abandon the autobiography to devote myself to manga fiction, will I be able to find ideas, I who used drink as fuel to write? What if fiction was the only way for me to confront my reality?

Mirrors / Kaze Manga

1655421147 939 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu, the talented duo of The Promised Neverland, give us a collection of three stories inspired by the life and philosophy of Gabrielle Chanel, the creator of the prestigious luxury brand with a unique career!

All the art of Mamoru Hosoda / Huginn&Muninn

1655421147 71 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

Considered the worthy successor to Hayao Miyazaki, MAMORU HOSODA is the new master of Japanese animation cinema. Co-founder of Studio Chizu, one of the largest in Japan, winner of numerous awards around the world, this exceptional screenwriter, animator and director reveals himself like never before in this official book. Including exclusive interviews, hundreds of unpublished images (preparatory sketches, storyboards, background paintings, etc.), this artbook tells the whole creation of a realistic and sensitive universe. The Crossing of Time (2006), Summer Wars (2009), The Wolf Children (2012), The Boy and the Beast (2015), Mirai, my little sister (2008) and Belle (2020), and many other works are to discover thanks to this real voyage in the spirit of the man who animated life. Written by renowned animation critic and historian Charles Solomon.

Completed series

The 7 Ninjas of Efu – 10 volumes / Meian

1655421148 175 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

Japan, 1615. Having come to power by crushing Hideyori Toyotomi, Leyasu Tokugawa intends to consolidate his authority over time. He therefore forms a militia whose mission is to track down the survivors of the Toyotomi clan. Those who oppose him are executed by the god of war, Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto.

However, seven shadow warriors appear.

These are the Seven Blades of Efu, the Onshin Ninjas!

Diving into the night – 3 volumes / Taifu Comics

1655421148 816 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

Tsukiko Yano has just transferred to a new high school. As superb as she is taciturn, she has few social interactions with others and does not bond with anyone, until one day when, on her way home, she passes in front of the school swimming pool. There she meets Aya Utsumi, a student in her class whom she had never paid attention to, busy swimming gracefully in the pool. Fascinated, Tsukiko unwittingly grows closer to this free and tactless girl and gradually gets to know her. She, whose inner world was only night, discovers a new universe made of water and populated by countless sea creatures…

RiN – 14 volumes / Delcourt/Tonkam

1655421149 853 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

A shy 16-year-old teenager, Norito has only one dream: to become a mangaka! His beginnings are quite laborious, but to please the beautiful Asune, he redoubles his efforts. Rin, 16, was scouted by a young Idol agency. Even if her talents as a medium are talked about, she refuses fame.

Although unlikely, their meeting seems inevitable and could well upset their future…

Sailor Moon – Eternal Edition – 10 volumes / pika

1655421149 663 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

Usagi Tsukino is a 14-year-old girl, a bit whiny and clumsy.

One day, she meets Luna, a black cat marked by a crescent moon on her forehead… The young girl’s life is then turned upside down.

Luna passes her a brooch through which Usagi can shapeshift into the vigilante Sailor Moon. Along with her warrior friends, she is on a mission to seek out the Silver Crystal and protect the Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Kitaro’s Travels – 2 volumes / Cornelius

1655421149 681 Manga releases of the week June 16 2022

A lover of popular tales and the marvelous that seeps into the interstices of everyday life, Shigeru Mizuki has placed the yokai, these supernatural beings who inhabit the backstage of our world, at the center of a creation that constantly oscillates between fantasy, humor and poetry.

Hugely popular in Japan, where not a child grows up without devouring his adventures, Kitaro repelling him is the emblematic hero of a work that focuses on monsters to better speak of men. His description makes the hair stand on end: the ultimate scion of a tribe of undead, Kitaro was born one-eyed, crawling out of the womb of his mother’s corpse, doomed to wander in a world that wants no him ! However, far from the suffocating tragedy that this disastrous summary suggests, Kitaro repelling it is a delightful series. The tribulations of this kid responsible for resolving the conflicts between humans and yokai are a rare pleasure, subtly combining darkness with lightness.

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Manga releases of the week, June 16, 2022

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