Love is in the meadow: Annick experiences an ordeal with each broadcast because of Thierry!

For the past few weeks, fans of Love is in the meadow have found new candidates as well as Karine Le Marchand. But many noticed that a former farmer had made his big comeback in the program. This is Thierry.

Thierry back in Love is in the meadow

In 2015, Thierry had marked the minds of fans of Love is in the meadow. And for good reason, he experienced a terrible heartache because of Annick. The latter broke his heart and the farmer struggled to recover.

While everything seemed to be going well between Thierry and Annick, the latter preferred to put an end to this relationship. During the assessment of Love is in the meadow, the main interested party had makes terrible revelations.

He confessed at the time to Karine Le Marchand: “It was love at first sight, the top of the pyramid. I still tell myself that I could never have someone better than her, that does not exist (…)”.

Before adding: “When she left, I gave her my heart. It was hard ! And I wasn’t pretending. I lay alone on the bed crying for over three hours”.

For her part, the host of Love is in the meadow was really afraid for Thierry. During her appearance on the show Le Grand direct from the media on Europe 1, she had part of his concern.

“We were very afraid for himself”

Karine Le Marchand revealed: “Thierry, we have him on the phone every week. He dined almost every Saturday with the producer and we had to relieve him. For months he was in the fourth basement.

Before confiding, without taboo: “And we were very scared for himself. It was very far”. For this new season of Love is in the meadow, Thierry has made a comeback.

A way for Karine Le Marchand and the production to catch up. Indeed, in an interview with Télé Loisirs, she revealed: “He had touched the viewers a lot”.

“Everyone was disappointed to leave him on a disappointment. It’s as if we had stolen his season. We wanted to fix that. Maybe also that we made ourselves feel guilty by telling ourselves that we should perhaps have no longer investigate his suitor.

One thing is certain, Thierry starts again Love is in the meadow before a positive feeling. On the other hand, Annick would be at its lowest. As the farmer tries to rebuild himself, the latter would suffer because of the show.

Karine Le Marchand angry with Annick

In an interview with Public, someone close to Annick (Love is in the meadow) revealed that this controversy with Thierry made her ” makes itstill suffer with each broadcast“.

Before adding that Annick also plans to write a book on this story in Love is in the meadow. Harassed following her participation, she therefore wishes to put the clear about this case.

For her part, Karine Le Marchand does not seem to have any trouble for Annick at all. For Télécâble Sat, the presenter had swung: “We stayed close, with Thierry”.

“He was also very accompanied by the former producer and the shrink of the show. At the bottom of us, there was, I believe, guilt. Today, that would not happen again. We would get the girl out of the program before the end”.

The facilitator of Love is in the meadow then said: “She was hated so much because she made fun of Thierry and she just wanted to be on tv. It served as a lesson

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Love is in the meadow: Annick experiences an ordeal with each broadcast because of Thierry!

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