Lou Pernaut: JPP’s daughter announces great news, Nathalie Marquay in heaven

Sooner or later, the grown chicks leave the family nest. Well, this is the case of Lou Pernaut. Indeed, the young woman is about to jump with both feet in her adult life. It’s a big upheaval for the daughter of the ex-presenter of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, and the former beauty queen, Nathalie Marquay. Like all young people her age, she shared her joy on social networks and celebrated this change of life at the restaurant with her mother.

Lou Pernaut cuts the family cord!

Things evolve, children grow up and one day, they gain their independence. The son, Tom Pernaut, has already left his parents’ house to study in the city of Lille. Today, it’s the turn of Lou Pernaut who seems to be on a little cloud. The girl has become a star on social networks and does not hesitate to use her notoriety. At just 19 years old, she takes her independence! The second good news is that his father and his mother will find themselves in love in the family home. Indeed, Nathalie Marquay will be able to take care of her husband and pamper him at will.

As you know, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is suffering from his third cancer. Two years ago, he managed to overcome prostate cancer. Last summer, he underwent surgery on a single lung. He is currently battling cancer in his second lung. For information, he was a heavy smoker and today he regrets not having stopped before.

A hearty lunch at the restaurant

It’s the last straight line for Lou Pernaut! Indeed, she is at the gates of her new life: “ I’m moving on Wednesday. Today is an inventory and handing over of the keys“, she says in a story on her account instagram this Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Of course, to help him in this transition, the mother hen is always present. Moreover, to celebrate this special moment, the mother / daughter pair decided to go to a restaurant: “ We’re celebrating the move with my mom. And we continue our momentum, we don’t give up!“, writes Lou Pernaut by posting pictures of his dear and tender mother, sitting in front of her. Indeed, it is a good way to mark the occasion for the two women. In any case, one thing is certain, they have fun! On the program: foie gras as a starter, then two hot camemberts, charcuterie, salad, not to mention the potatoes. Enjoy your lunch !

She leaves the nest, but doesn’t go too far either

Lou Pernaut is very happy and in a hurry to move. On the social network TikTokshe also shared the good news: “ I found myself a very nice apartment in Paris. Am I going to live alone? Cook for one person? Do my laundry? Living without my mother?“, says the girl. These few words prove one thing. She is very attached to her mother and it will not be so easy to cut the cord. But Lou Pernaut is not going to the provinces! Indeed, she found an apartment close enough to her parents to be able to see them as often as she wants. This one ” moved literally 20 minutes from her parents’ house »


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So everything is under control! Indeed, she can leave with peace of mind. At the slightest concern, his mother and father will never be far away. The new Parisienne admits to having exaggerated with the expenses in the decoration“…

Therefore, Lou Pernaut will be able to visit his father regularly to support him in his illness. Indeed, he needs his loved ones around him to overcome his cancer. Especially since this month of January was not easy for him, because he suffered 4 mini strokes. Nathalie Marquay went to the set of TPMP at the same time as Doctor Raoult. The former Miss France had asked him about the side effects of the vaccine. She also had a rant against Myriam Palomba, the editor-in-chief of the magazine Audience.


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Lou Pernaut: JPP’s daughter announces great news, Nathalie Marquay in heaven

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