LIVE – Monaco-OM: terrible injury for a Mondialist at Louis-II


Monaco have won two of their last three Ligue 1 games against Marseille (1 loss), having won none of the previous five (2 draws, 3 losses).

Double situation for ASM

The Monegasques arrive in numbers around the opposing area, but neither Rongier close to CSC nor Volland with a header deceives the vigilance of Pau Lopez on his line.

Marseille will fight for Harit

The game resumed at Louis-II, where the Marseillais are struggling to come to their senses, especially on the Olympian bench. Tudor players will have to re-mobilize for Harit.

Payet replaces Harit, seriously affected

The public of Louis-II chants the name of Harit, who goes out on a stretcher. It is Payet who replaces him.

Healers surround Harit

The broadcaster is currently not showing footage of Harit’s injury. The Moroccan could be hit in the knee.

The contact between Harit and Disasi during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022
The contact between Harit and Disasi during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022 © Prime Video screen capture
Amine Harit writhes in pain during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022
Amine Harit writhes in pain during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022 © Prime Video screen capture

Big concern for Harit, very serious injury possible

Louis-II was walled in silence after this big intervention by Disasi on Harit. The Moroccan screamed and writhed in pain on the ground, he seemed very seriously injured… Several players were holding their heads looking at him…

Double parade by Pau Lopez! (1-1)

From the right side, Disasi enters straight towards the surface and arms a dry shot that Pau Lopez rejects for the first time. The ball comes back to Diatta who hits hard on the ground, the Marseille goalkeeper goes down on this second hot ball!

Ben Yedder elusive for Balerdi

The Monegasques quickly project towards the surface after a high recovery. Launched at the forefront, Ben Yedder plays with Balerdi and manages to center on the ground between his legs, but Diatta is a bit short to resume facing goal.

Balerdi wins in the air

Corner conceded by Tavares, against a cross from Disasi. Golovine and Caio Henrique are in the combination from the right corner, it is Balerdi who imposes himself in the air on the cross of the Russian towards the surface.

ASM no longer wants to burn its wings

We restarted this second act at a slower pace, with two teams in place and Monegasques who locked the sides better. Nuno Tavares and Clauss hurt in the first half, they will be watched.

It’s back to Louis-II! (1-1)

No change to note at the break, we left with the same.

It’s the break at Louis-II! (1-1)

A shovelful of hot situations and two superb goals for Louis-II in this pleasant first period to follow. Led by two untenable pistons, OM were the most threatening and ended up finding the fault with a marvelous free kick from Alexis Sanchez (35th). A superb goal to which Wissam Ben Yedder responded with class with a panenka from the penalty spot (45th), to reset the counters to zero before the second act.


The class of Ben Yedder, who deceives Pau Lopez with a wonderful panenka! The Marseille goalkeeper had anticipated on one side, the French striker swiped his ball right in the center to equalize!!

Penalty for Monaco! (0-1)

Beaten in explosiveness, Balerdi destabilizes Diatta who collapses in the Marseille area, the referee does not hesitate and designates the penalty spot!

Monaco head in the bucket

This opener put a blow behind the heads of the Monegasques, who no longer managed to get dangerously close to the opposing surface against the aggressive Marseillais.


This is the 5th goal scored by Alexis Sanchez this season in Ligue 1, and what a goal! The Marseille public present at Louis-II is over the moon.


Very dangerous free kick conceded by Badiashile, full axis at 20 meters. Alexis Sanchez takes care of shooting it and sends a marvelous curling shot towards the left corner of Nübel, who can do absolutely nothing, Marseille is in front!


Monaco have won each of their last 2 Ligue 1 games without conceding a goal, and have not made the pass of 3 since March-April 2021 (5th in a row).

Pau Lopez decisive in front of Volland! (0-0)

The first shot on target of the match is to be credited to the Monegasques and Volland, launched at the right tempo behind the defense on the left. The angle is reduced but the German takes his chance with a dry shot on the ground, Pau Lopez pushes back to his near post!

And Clauss next door! (0-0)

Monaco gets into it and offers its opponent opportunities on a set. Golovin feels badly on an opposing crossbar and his header back benefits Clauss. In an eccentric position, the Marseille piston arms a cross shot from the right which spins next to the opposite post!

Leg hits just above! (0-0)

The beautiful situations pile up for the Marseillais, who could well end up regretting not being more precise in the last gesture. Found in an attacking position in the area on a handover from Alexis Sanchez, Gigot does not lie down enough on his ball and hits hard above the goal!

No dead time

Lots of pace from both teams since the start. Each team seeks to hurt as soon as the ball is recovered, and to quickly invest the last 30 opposing meters.

Diatta took it for his rank

Well shaken on a virile intervention by Balerdi, Diatta remains on the ground near the opposing surface. The healers intervene to put him back on his feet.

Camara too imprecise

The ball is a bit long for Volland on the right but the German gives himself to recover and serve back Disasi. His cross arrives at the far post on Golovine, who temporizes before passing for Camara who arrives launched. His first intention attempt flew away.


Monaco have 59.6% of shots on target in Ligue 1 this season, the highest percentage. Only Toulouse (209) has also suffered more shots than ASM in the top flight this season (206).

Guendouzi’s head next door! (0-0)

New big opportunity for the Marseillais, again with a very precise Clauss in charge in the exercise of the center this evening. Guendouzi is wanted at the far post and his unbalanced header passes to the left of Nübel’s goal!

Fofana does not catch the frame

Positioned high on a placed attack, ASM is dangerous against a wait-and-see Marseille defense. Poor control in the box from Volland benefits a setback for Fofana, who arms without control of the right but shoots too much to the right.

Monaco tries to react against

Good deep ball from Disasi towards Volland, in the duel with Rongier on the right. The striker crosses towards the surface for Ben Yedder, but Gigot intervenes to clear for a corner.

Ben Yedder already not far from yellow

Late on his intervention on Balerdi, Ben Yedder commits a fault not far from the center line. The referee is lenient for the start of the match.

Tavares already saw her in it! (0-0)

Already a huge situation for the Marseillais! The first Olympian attack is fast, the imbalance is created thanks to this well-felt cross from Harit towards Clauss. This one has a boulevard to the right and quickly centers towards the opposite piston in the box. Nuno Tavares springs at the far post but takes over a few meters from goal!

The huge failure of Nuno Mendes during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022
The huge failure of Nuno Mendes during Monaco-OM, November 13, 2022 © Prime Video screen capture

Let’s go to Louis-II! (0-0)

It was the Monegasques who kicked off this closing poster for the 15th day of Ligue 1!

The temperature is rising!

The kick-off is imminent, the players entered the lawn of Louis-II with the referee of the meeting, Benoît Bastien.

Confirm and finish in style

Monaco confirmed its improvement by winning in its last two Ligue 1 matches, to return to the top ranks and get closer to the podium. OM, for their part, put an end to a difficult last period by winning Olympico against Lyon last Sunday (1-0), and have the same number of points as the Principality club, ahead on goal difference .

Clash between pretenders to Europe

What a final bouquet of the 15th day that this Monaco-Marseille, before an unprecedented truce of a month and a half. If the road will still be long afterwards with 23 games to be played on the return of Qatar, the poster for this Sunday evening can allow one of the two teams to get back to the foot of the podium, one point behind third place in the event of of success.

The line-up of Monaco

Krépin Diatta and Wissam Ben Yedder find a place in the Monegasque starting lineup, they who were substitutes last weekend. The defense should revolve around the central trio Disasi-Maripan-Badiashile.

Nübel – Maripan, Disasi, Badiashile – Diatta, Camara, Fofana, Henrique – Golovin, Ben Yedder, Volland.

The composition of OM

The Blues Jordan Veretout and Mattéo Guendouzi, expected in Qatar, are holders in an eleven Marseille without surprise. Dimitri Payet is still on the bench at the start.

Lopez – Mbemba, Gigot, Balerdi – Clauss, Veretout, Rongier, Tavares – Guendouzi, Harit – Sanchez.

A big night for Golovin?

Absent from the World Cup in Qatar, the Russian Aleksandr Golovin could be the main artificer of this duel between contenders for Europe. In recent months, the player has made enormous progress physically, in terms of regularity, and even in finishing.

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LIVE – Monaco-OM: terrible injury for a Mondialist at Louis-II

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