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Truth about the crime

Mayor Adams wants to send office cops on patrol in response to skyrocketing crime (“NYPD taps the mop-up crew,” August 29).

What is the point of all this, unless the Governor fires District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who constantly lets criminals off the hook? Violent criminals are free to roam the streets, thanks to Bragg and Governor Hochul.

Instead of Adams worrying about the police on office duty, he should step out onto the streets without a police detail and see firsthand what the city is really like. Adams is a joke, a political hack. He loves to play the cop card when it suits him, but he let the city deteriorate even more than former mayor Bill de Blasio.

Dimitri Papadopolous


Teen Pills

When the pharmaceutical industry convinced the medical community that emotional behavior problems were similar to mental illness, the door opened for this overuse of these drugs, with no proven results or recognition of potential long-term side effects. , including possible addiction (“Opening eyes to the pill”, Karol Markowicz, August 30).

Once again, parents have been misled by flashy marketing about the unproven benefits of drugs for our young people as a way to relieve parents of the stress of dealing with children’s emotional issues.

It’s equally shocking that so many parents have ignored the historical evidence that healthy eating and exercise are proven remedies for emotional behaviors.

I had the chance to educate my niece’s parents about the risk in the 1990s when they received a note from the school nurse wanting to offer medication for my niece’s anxiety behavior. As a nutritionist, I suggested that she change her diet. In just one month, her symptoms ceased.

It is very sad to read stories of children who have been used as subjects in an industry whose main objective is new customers, not improving children’s health.

Greg Raleigh

washington d.c.

Reagan versus Trump

I read Steven Hayward’s column on former President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev and kept thinking about the contrast between that relationship and the relationship between former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin (“They Did It Together,” PostOpinion, August 31).

Reagan was sympathetic but firm, cordial and engaging yet resilient in tone, tenor, and message to the then Soviet leader. Compare that to Trump’s appeasement of Putin on several occasions and it’s clear that while both Reagan and Trump are former presidents, only one was a true leader capable of balancing a powerful rival.

Trump’s latest episode with classified documents is another example of a carnival barker seeking attention as the United States and the world have moved on. He contrasts sadly with Reagan, who always seemed to rise to the occasion.

jerry thompson

Sparta, New Jersey

group of panthers

The hopelessly misguided, guardian angel-inspired Park Slope Panthers set out to “take back the neighborhood” after an evil wanderer fatally clubbed a dog named Moose in Prospect Park (“Paw Patrol,” Aug. 28).

The Panthers should remember that they got what they voted for in the last mayoral election.

This neighborhood preferred smug vegan Mayor Adams, not Curtis Sliwa and his decades of willful crime-fighting. We should all say a prayer for Moose, who died at the hands of a rampaging madman the cowardly Adams administration fears to confront, while reminding Prospect Park visitors of the violence to come if they keep voting with their heart, not with their mind.

Mark G. Brennan


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Letters to the Editor—September 4, 2022 – CNET

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